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Range Combat

Do leaders affect ranged combat?

No. A leader or sword symbols when rolled in ranged combat, do not count as a hit against the target unit. Exception is that a leader symbol when roller in range combat and the target is a leader that is alone in a hex then a leader symbol is a hit.


What units have missile weapons?

All light units have missile weapons, including light foot, Auxilia light foot, light horse and light chariot. These units are considered armed with javelins, spears or some type of throwing weapon and have a range of 2 hexes. Units armed with bow or sling weapons have a range of 3 hexes. Scenarios, which indicate medium foot units or other unit types, to be armed with bow weapons will be noted in the War Council notes section of the scenario



Battle Back

On page 11 second printing second bullet -When an elephant Battles Back after being attacked in Close Combat it will roll the same number of dice as the unit which made the attack on the elephant unit. It sounds like the elephant unit battling back would get the bonus. Is that correct?

The section just above reads -In Close Combat, an elephant unit will roll the same number of battle dice as the unit it is attacking would normally roll against the elephant. Key word here is normally. Bonus dice a unit rolls against the elephant are not consider the units normal attack dice so the elephant unit would not roll more dice than the attackers normal dice.


If you can't retreat when called to and after unit takes losses for not being able to retreat, can you still battle back?

Yes. When a unit must retreat but cannot, after taking the proper number of block losses (one piece is removed for each retreat hex it cannot complete) the unit may battle back in close combat. Consider this as defense in depth if the units behind are your units preventing the retreat -or-consider this fighting in desperation, if the units behind are enemy units preventing the retreat ;o)


If my defending unit is attacked by more than one attacking unit, does it get to battle back against each attacker or must I choose which one of the attacking units to battle back against?

Each attack is conducted separately, and your unit can battle back against each of the attackers. Provided it survives and doesn't retreat.


Must a unit always battle back if it's able to?

As stated in the rules Battle Back is not mandatory (key word is MAY).
In Close Combat, the defending enemy unit may Battle Back against the attacking unit if one or more of the defending unit’s blocks survived the Close Combat attack and the defending unit did not retreat from its hex.



Leader Helmet Symbol

Please explain when and how the Leader (helmet) symbol on the dice is used.

The leader symbol side on the dice is used in four situations.

1. A unit's battle dice result in close combat is modified when it is with an attached leader or in an adjacent to a leader's hex. One hit is scored on the unit being attacked for each leader symbol rolled.

2. When a leader is attached to a unit and the unit loses a block, there is also a chance that the leader may be hit. A roll of one or two leader helmet symbols, as the situation requires, will hit and eliminate the leader.

3. When you play the "I Am Spartacus" Command card and you roll a leader symbol you may order any unit or leader of your choice.

4. When you play the "Rally" Command card and you roll a leader symbol it will rally one block type of your choice.

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