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Clash of Shields

Which units are ordered when I play a clash of shields card?

All units adjacent to an enemy unit when the command card is played are ordered. This can get a little confusing, especially as the combats take place and enemy units retreat. When there is going to be a lot of combats, we find marking the units eligible to battle will help. Note units that are ordered on the Clash of Shields may not fire.



Counter Attack

May I "Counter Attack" the "I Am Spartacus" command card?

Yes. You will roll dice equal to your command, which could mean you would roll more or less dice than your opponent.

May I Counter Attack a Counter Attack card?


My opponent used an Order Heavy Troops card to order 1 unit because he did not have any Heavy units and I played the Counter Attack card, may I order heavy troops equal to Command or do I have to only order 1 unit?

You may order heavy units equal to your Command. The player playing the order heavy troops card must order heavy units if he has one or more heavies on the battlefield. Only if he has zero heavies can he order a unit of his choice. The counterattacking player -is he bound by the same protocol -he must order heavies if he has one or more heavy units on the battlefield, and may only order one unit of choice if he does not have any heavy units.





Darken the Sky

I have two different reads on how the "Darken the Sky" card is played?

Each unit battles twice with retreats and hits resolved between each battle so the attacking unit may have to switch targets because it's first target either retreats out of range or is eliminated.



Double Time

On the '"Double Time" card can the group of 4 adjacent linked units span two sections?


The focus of a Double Time card is that it allows Medium and Heavy infantry units that normally may only move 1 hex to move 2 hexes and still battle. Auxilia units that already move 2 hexes may now battle when moving 2 hexes. The action of moving 2 hexes and the unit still being able to battle is how Double Time takes precedence over the rule that normally these units can only move 1 hex and battle. A Double Time card does not allow units to ignore terrain battle or movement restrictions. (Richard Borg)



Equal to Command

When a command card says equal to command, how many units are ordered when the number of command cards changes in a scenario?

The number of units that are ordered is equal the number of command cards you currently hold including the card being played.


First Strike

How does a First Strike work?

The use of the First Strike card means that the defending unit Battles first, and then if the attacking unit is not destroyed or retreats, it will attack as was originally intended. The defending unit that Battled first does not get to Battle Back after the attacking unit is finished with its attack.

How many dice will a heavy chariot unit roll if it is playing a first strike, 3 or 4?

3 dice. We think of the player taking a turn as being on the attack, so the chariot unit is defending when playing the first strike. A heavy chariot unit defending or when playing a first strike will roll 3 dice.




What units are ordered on the "Leadership" Command card?

The Leadership card orders the leader's hex, and either 3 or 4 adjacent linked hexes that are occupied by your units. You may not skip over a hex with one of your units. All ordered units must be adjacent to another ordered unit (see p.16 example). Units in adjacent linked hexes to the leader's hex may be in different sections of the battlefield.

Does a Leader have to be attached to a unit to use Leadership cards or can a Leader alone in a hex be ordered along with X number of adjacent units?

Yes you can order a lone leader and X linked adjacent units.

Using this card, can I order a unit with another Leader attached?

(RB) Yes, a lone leader or leader attached to a unit can be ordered by the play of a leadership card.

In the 3rd edition of the rules explain the Leadership card as follows:
Leadership cards allow you to order a leader, any unit to which the leader is attached, plus a given number of units or leaders in adjacent linked hexes to move and/or battle. Units in “adjacent linked hexes” may be in different sections of the battlefield, as long as each ordered unit is adjacent to at least one other ordered unit, and at least one of the ordered units is adjacent to the designated leader. In this way, a Leadership order enables you to order a “chain” or “wing” of units to move and/or battle in a coordinated fashion.



Line Command

Can a Line Command order units in different sections?


When a Line Command card is played, can some of the units not move and just fire?

Yes. Units that are part of a line command are not required to move. Units that are armed with missile weapons that do not move or only move 1 hex may fire.

Does the "Line Command" group need to remain in adjacent linked hexes after each unit moves? Or can the adjacent units from the "line command" group split into two or three separate groups after they move one hex each?

There is no rule to prevent this so you are allowed to split units.

Is it possible to use Line Command card to order 1 single unit? (because rules refer to a group of foot units).

Of course you can use Line Command to order a single unit. There is no restriction to the group size: one foot unit is a line of size "1".



Move Fire Move

The best way to think of what is happening when the Move Fire Move card is played is to consider and treat the two movements allowed by the card, as two separate moves. So after stopping for the woods or fordable river, ordered light units could move again on the second move. (Richard Borg)

Can light unit order on a Move-Fire-Move card cross a fordable river/forest in a single turn?

Yes. The unit must stop on the fordable river/forest hex, may choose to fire and then move again from the fordable river hex.

Are the normal rules for ranged fire are at work here?

Yes. When a light unit moves in the first part, it only will roll 1 combat die. An auxilia unit, if it moves 2 in the first part, may not do range combat. Because the first move is optional, if a unit does not move in the first part, it may roll 2 range combat dice.

When playing a Move Fire Move card is the fire optional?

Yes. Fire after the unit's first move is optional. Note a unit may not fire or close combat after its second move.





Does this mean a unit adjacent to leader when a rally card is played that does not have any blocks rallied is not ordered?

Correct. Only a unit that has one or more blocks rallied back are ordered. A rallied unit may gain more than one block when rallied, but the unit may not gain more blocks that it originally had. In addition, units that are at full strength cannot be rallied (no blocks to rally back) therefore the unit may not be ordered.

On the rally card, does the player choose ONE unit to rally, either a unit with a leader in the hex or a unit adjacent to a leader?

No. All your leaders on the battlefield may rally units when the rally card is played. The unit that is being rallied has to have at least one lost block and be in the leader's hex or adjacent to a friendly leader's hex on the battlefield. One block is brought back and placed with a unit for each unit symbol rolled. Note a leader symbol will rally any unit type. A unit may not gain more blocks that it originally had.

On the rally card it says "for each unit type rolled" what does this mean?

Only units that have lost a block may rally back a block(s). The unit that is rallied must be in the leader's hex or in a hex adjacent to a leader. A green unit type symbol rolled, means any green circle unit will rally. A blue unit type symbol rolled, means any blue triangle unit will rally. The red unit type symbol rolled, means any red square unit will rally (except an elephant or heavy chariot unit). Note a leader symbol when rolled, will rally one block type of your choice.



Troop Command Card

When you play a card that orders a troop type (say Order Medium Troops) and gives you the option to order any 1 unit, can you ignore the units of this troop type you have on the battlefield and order 1 unit anyway?

If you have units of a troop class anywhere on the battlefield, you may not use a troop card to order the 1 unit of your choice option.


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