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This weekend I got a chance to see a preview copy (and snap a couple pix) of the Epic 2 expansion, due out from GMT in just a few weeks.

This one comes in a 2" deep armored box, not the big boy. (Would have been a good size for RCW also-- note on any future reprint.)

Contents are 2 of the wooden card holders (2 can be found in Imperial as well-- you'll have 4 now for multiplayer)

6 double sided scenario sheets, for a total of 12 scenarios (plus 4 more if you pre-order quickly. They've redone the original 4 scenarios to match the new style.)

A short rulebook outlining the changes to the Epic system, which I think most people will approve of a great deal (more interesting options, clearer choices, some new decisions to make).

And a new deck, of 100 cards. The deck is the 'heart' of the new system and has been well designed (see the pix in the gallery). Color-coding, clear instructions, choices easy to understand... this is a winner.

If you've been playing Epic already, everything in the new expansion just makes the game better. The deck is more interesting than just 'double' the normal deck and speeds play.

If you felt a barrier to the original Epic, this should remove it. Everything is more clear and easier to follow.

I suspect one of the "surprises" of the Epic system for GMT is that,though designed for multi-player (up to 4 players per side!), quite a few people are enjoying it one-on-one. The new expansion will make that even easier and more fun to do. And of course, adding a bunch more scenarios will help also.



Definitive Box Cover

Color-coded cards! Field commands in golden/tan, Army commands in purple, and the dreaded "reaction" card (First Strike) is in red. Two of those puppies are in the deck!

Epic deck card backs in a nice dark blue (to not be mistaken for regular). Note the "dual use" card that could be Field or could be Army (one of the differences in the system), and the color-coding help.

Note card redesign-- nice texture, easy read, and note especially the numbers at the top. Cards that let you (maybe) order units that straddle section lines can "cost" more than if you are only activating in one area... and the cards help you see how this works. Nice job!


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Expansion 5 Scenarios

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