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I had the chance to see a "preview copy" of Imperial this weekend and wanted to pass on the top line impressions and a couple pix.

This expansion really 'evolved' a lot over time. Folks have mentioned reading or hearing at one time that there would be 100+, with some more gray and red romans and blocks for some of the other armies as well.

What we have in the final box is just a couple shy of 300 blocks (!!) and four sticker sheets (oh joy! more blocks to sticker!).

While some have groaned about "another Roman army?" there really are some differences here that I'll let further reviewers dwell on in detail. Short answer-- this is a "late empire" army, useful for late RCW events and those border clashes with the Parthians and an evolved barbarian menace, while, unfortunately for the Romans, losing some of the qualities that made Rome the empire in the first place. You'll find a lot of Auxiliaries here and a much smaller proportion of medium and heavy infantry. Only one "unit" of "warriors" (since most of the "barbarians" willing to fight for Rome are now IN the legions), and a very different mix of cavalry. More range fire units in both arms.

The game also upgrades Rome's opponents. Barbarians get more cavalry-- adding to their mediums and now including heavy cav (that "evolved menace" mentioned above). The game also includes baggage wagons (useful for several situations) and wagan laager for a particular flavor of barbarian.

The Eastern Army gets a huge upgrade, with MORE cavalry units included here than came in the original! Many lights, some new cataphract heavy cav, and an additional slew of mounted archers. Some of the scenarios will definitely present new challenges for both players.

The list of 24 scenarios has been cited elsewhere. There are some GOOD ones, covering battles folks have been asking for, and see above, "new challenges." About 1/2 of them use the new purple army, with the rest an interesting mix covering some areas that folks have been asking for. (Franchi will have to conjure a Boudiccia block for us!).

The game also includes two updated player's aid cards and two wooden card holders, and comes in the 3" thick "armored box" with what I think is the sharpest cover design of the series. Contents also include on sheet of terrain counters, including 2 kinds of bridges and fords. The short section of rules covers all this.

While a person will, literally, need ALL the previous kits to fully enjoy this one, I think no fan of the system will want to miss it.


Definitive Box Cover

The box inside, rule-scenario book, and a BIG BAG OF BLOCKS. (almost 300).

Some Stickers...

Auxilia will make up a larger percent of the purple Roman army's foot than we are used to seeing. Better use them well.

Barbarian Heavy Cav.
Now for something completely different!
(And finally, that "Order Heavy Troops" card has some value).


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Expansion 4 Scenarios

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