New Terrain Hex (Expansion 2)

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Movement: A unit must stop when it enters a marsh hex and move no further on that turn. The unit must also roll one battle die for a possible block loss. One block is lost when the unit’s symbol is rolled.
Retreating or evading units do not stop when entering a marsh hex. A unit that must retreat (or evades) onto or through a marsh hex must check for a possible block loss for each marsh hex it retreats or evades onto. Marsh block loss die rolls are made prior to removing blocks for unfulfilled map edge hex retreats.
Unattached leaders entering, retreating, evading or escaping into or through marsh hexes are also subject to block loss die rolls.
A unit that leaves a marsh hex may only move onto an adjacent hex regardless of its normal movement allowance.
A War Machine unit may not enter or retreat onto a marsh hex.

Battle: A unit may battle the turn it moves onto a marsh hex.
When battling an enemy unit on a marsh hex, a maximum of 2 battle dice are rolled in Close Combat. A unit that elects to advance onto a marsh hex after a successful Close Combat must check for possible block loss.
A unit on a marsh hex battling out will roll a maximum of 2 battle dice in Close Combat, and 1 die in Ranged Combat. A unit may still make a Momentum Advance out of the marsh hex onto the vacated hex after a successful Close Combat.
A Command card that adds additional dice in battle will modify the maximum number of battle dice that can be rolled.

Line of Sight: A Marsh hex does not block line of sight.

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