New Special Rules (Expansion 2)

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Marius Legions Rule

Starting with Aquae Sextae and all later battles in this expansion, Medium Roman Infantry units are armed with pilum and sword. These units are now missile weapon capable units and must follow the rules for Ranged Combat units. The unit has a range of two hexes and will roll 1 battle die when it holds or moves only one hex.
Before Marius’ reforms, the maniple had been the legion’s tactical unit. Now it was the cohort – ten to each Marian legion. He abolished the old classes of velites, hastate, principes and triarii. All Marian legionnaires were equipped and organized in a standard way. Each was armed with the pilum - an iron-headed javelin 6 feet 9 inches long, a short sword, and a coat of armor. Marius also hired soldiers from the proletariat, creating a professional army, rather than the earlier militia-based force. Finally, Marius abolished the distinctions between Roman and allied Italian soldiers, incorporating all into his new legions. Each legion became a permanent organization, with its own numeric designation and an eagle as its sacred standard.

‘I Am Spartacus’ Slave player rule

In any battle where Spartacus is present, if the Slave player plays the ‘I Am Spartacus’ Command card, he will roll dice ‘equal to command’ plus 2 additional dice, to order units. The Roman player receives no bonus if he plays the ‘I Am Spartacus’ card.

Rolling Fire Rule

When allowed by scenario instructions, Slave foot units may attack with large, flaming logs—rolling fire.

  • The attacking Slave foot unit must occupy a hill terrain hex when ordered.
  • Any qualifying Slave foot unit may be ordered. The Slave foot unit does not have to be missle-capable.
  • The Slave army commander may order one or more Slave foot units to conduct a Rolling Fire Combat when he plays a non-Tactic Command Card that would allow those units to move and/or battle normally (the seventeen Tactic Command Cards are listed in the basic rules, and on the back page of the Reference Card).
  • An ordered Slave foot unit on a hill terrain hex has the option to move and/or combat normally, or to remain on the hill terrain hex and combat down the hill with Rolling Fire—but cannot do both on the same turn.

Rolling Fire Procedure

  • Rolling fire is considered Ranged Combat with a maximum range of three hexes. A defending unit, even when adjacent to the Slave unit attacking with Rolling Fire, may not battle back.
  • Rolling Fire will travel from the hill hex containing the Slave foot unit toward the Roman edge of the Battlefield (each of the three connected hexes entered must move closer to the Roman edge).
  • Rolling Fire will travel through any units and leaders.
  • Rolling Fire may not enter hill terrain hexes.
  • Rolling Fire may enter a hex with other terrain types, but must stop in that terrain hex and move no further.
  • Two battle dice are rolled against each unit in the three target hexes in range.
  • One hit is scored when the symbol rolled matches the unit type. Sword and Helmet hits are ignored.
  • Flags may not be ignored. As an extreme example, a fullstrength, supported Warrior unit on a rampart terrain hex with a leader attached would still have to retreat if a Rolling Fire flag were rolled against it.
  • A Leader alone in a target hex cannot be attacked by Rolling Fire but must evade immediately 1, 2 or 3 hexes back toward the Roman mapedge.
  • The Slave foot unit that attacks with Rolling Fire must lose 1 block after the rolling fire attack is resolved. The unit has lost the slaves who went to heroic deaths rolling those flaming logs.


Julius Caesar Rule

When the Caesar leader is attached to any Roman unit, that unit will battle with one additional battle die in Close Combat (including battling into or out of terrain hexes that reduce the normal number of dice used). When attached to a Roman foot unit (except for War Machines), that unit may move two hexes and Close Combat against an enemy unit.

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