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Fighting Battles

Battles are checked and resolved one ordered unit at a time, in the sequence of your choice. You must announce and resolve one unit’s battle entirely, before beginning the next one.

  • A unit that is ordered does not have to battle.
  • A unit may normally battle only once per turn.
    Note: In some situations, a unit may make a Momentum Advance after a successful Close Combat, and then make a bonus Close Combat attack (see Special Actions—Momentum Advance).
  • A unit may not target and split its battle dice between several enemy units.

The number of casualties a unit has suffered does not affect the number of battle dice the unit rolls in combat. A unit with a single block retains the same combat strength as a unit at full strength.

Exception: Warriors battle with more dice at full strength.

Type of Battles

There are two types of battle:

An ordered unit may only engage in one type of battle when ordered, even if it is capable of both types of battle.
Both types of battle are optional. Ordered units do not have to engage in Close Combat, even when adjacent to enemy units.

Exception: Warriors moving two hexes must engage in Close Combat.


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