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Order Units and Leaders

After playing a Command card, announce which eligible units or leaders you choose to order.

Only those units or leaders chosen to receive an order from the played card may move, battle, or take a special action.

A leader in the same hex as a friendly unit is considered to be “attached” to the unit. If the unit is ordered to move, the attached leader must move with the unit. An attached leader must move to the same hex as the unit. Note that it still costs only one command to order a unit with an attached leader.

Units or leaders on a hex with a dotted line running through it may be ordered from either section.

You may not give more than one order to each unit or leader. If the Command card allows you to issue more orders in a given section of the battlefield than you have units or leaders in that section, those additional orders are lost.

When a Section Command card, the ‘Order Mounted Troops’ Command card or the ‘I am Spartacus’ Command card is played, a leader in the same hex as a unit may be ordered to detach from the unit and move by himself. It costs one order for each attached leader that is detached from its unit and moved separately, and the unit itself is not considered ordered (but could be ordered by spending another command). The remaining orders on the Command card may be used to order units (including the one from which a leader was detached), or unattached leaders. Section Command cards, plus the ‘Order Mounted Troops’ and the ‘I am Spartacus’ Command cards have a helmet symbol to remind players that one or more attached leaders may be ordered to move separately when playing these cards.

Command: Some cards allow you to order a number of units equal to your side’s “Command.” A player’s Command is equal to the maximum number of Command cards that player is allowed to hold, as noted in the War Council section of the scenario being played. When the number of Command cards changes in a scenario, Command increases (or decreases) to the new maximum number of cards allowed to be held at the moment the card is played.


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