Great Battles of the Mauryan Empire (scenario notes)

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The following rules apply to all battles involving the Mauryans:

  1. Mounted units do not suffer any of the usual combat or retreat penalties when battling elephants. This rule does not apply to any Greek block cavalry units. (Indian horses were used to operating in an elephant rich environment).
  2. All light infantry units have no missile fire capability.
  3. Cataphracted elephants MUST ignore 1 retreat banner result. Cataphracted elephants will be so marked on the scenario battle map.
  4. Elephant units may count 1 leader symbol as a hit when battling if a leader is attached. The attached leader confers no other benefit to the elephant unit and no benefit whatsoever to any adjacent elephant units.

NOTE:-The Indian war elephants were highly proficient and I am trying to give them a bit more of an edge. Also in many battles leaders start attached to elephants and this gives some rationale for that, and for keeping the leaders with them. Rules 3 and 4 make elephants a bit more potent.

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