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2012-01-30 Published 2 new maps (C3i Magazines 25)

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Hi guys, with kind permission from Rodger B. MacGowan, I've just published 2 new EPIC maps taken from C3i Magazines #25.

The Battle of Adrianople, 378, is one of the more decisive battles of the late empire, sometimes mistakenly called the “beginning of the end of the Empire.”
While its effects are well known, its details are surprisingly vague. We can be confident that the battle started before the Romans had their army entirely ready, due to an impatient subordinate commander, but reports vary on whether this happened on the right or the left flank! Perhaps the details are murky because so many of the Roman leaders died, including the emperor himself. What we do know is that the Romans blundered their way into the fight.
We therefore present two Commands & Colors: Ancients interpretations of this Epic historical battle for your gaming pleasure.
Richard Borg & Kevin Duke.

C3i19 EPIC Adrianople (378 AD)
C3i20 EPIC Adrianople (378 AD)

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Enjoy playing these CCA maps, and don't forget that...

all material from C3i Magazine is Copyright ©Rodger B. MacGowan (RBM Publication)!

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