2010-01-14 C&CAncients EPIC - Vassal module and Scenarios

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Recently Bill Bennet posted an incredible new module about C&CAncients EPIC, to play online using VassalEngine.

You can download it here: C&CAncients_EPIC .

Thank you Bill for your great work! Commands & Colors: Ancients online EPIC game experience is finally "real" with your new Vassal module!!!

I've also updated all Official scenarios about Epic Ancients II.

EPIC05 Arausio (105 BC)
EPIC06 Dertosa (215 BC)
EPIC07 Lake Trasimenus (217 BC)
EPIC08 Clusium (225 BC)
EPIC09 Bagradas (253 BC)
EPIC10 Beneventum (275 BC)
EPIC11 Paraitacene (317 BC)
EPIC12 Hydaspes (326 BC)
EPIC13 Guagamela (331 BC)
EPIC14 Crimissos River (341 BC)
EPIC15 Plataea (479 BC)
EPIC16 Marathon (490 BC)


Enjoy Playing them all!




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