2009-12-11 Published 8 new maps (by Jim Duncan)

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Hi guys, this time Jim Duncan surprised us with 8 new maps that can even be played as a campaign: Judas Maccabaeus.
You can read some scenario notes here.

JD75 The revolt begins (166 BC)
JD76 Beth Horon (166 BC)
JD77 Ammaus (165 BC)
JD78 Beth Zur (164 BC)
JD79 Beth Zacharia (162 BC)
JD80 Adasa (161 BC)
JD81 Elasa (160 BC)
JD82 Ashdod (147 BC)

Moreover with these maps we have broken 4 hundreds scenario limit: our scenario archive now counts 405 MAPS!!!!!

If you would like having a look to all maps created by Jim, then CLICK HERE and see his "Designer Page".

If you are searching for PDF downloadable files for each scenario, then CLICK HERE.

Enjoy playing these CCA maps!


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