Open Tournament VI

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An online tournament using the Vassal C&C Ancients module.

The Game:

Commands & Colors Ancients is a board game designed by Richard Borg and published by GMT Games (, which allows you to re-fight epic battles of the ancient world.

The Vassal Game Engine:

Vassal ( is a free software utility that allows you to play board games in real time over the internet. A module for playing C&CA is available from the Files section of its webpage on the Vassal website.

The Tournament:

The tournament is hosted on the C&CA Vassal Players Yahoo group ( It features two phases of play. In the first phase, players will be organized into a Swiss system draw for match play (playing both sides of a scenario against their assigned opponent in each round). In the second phase, the top eight players will be seeded in a single-elimination quarterfinals bracket to determine the ultimate champion. The full rules for the tournament can be found in the Files section of the Yahoo group.
To sign up for the tournament, you will need to join the C&CA Vassal Players group and go to the Database section where you will enter your information in a tournament player database.
Registration is open until October 25, 2009.

Start Date:

The first round of the tournament will begin on October 26, 2009.

The Sponsor:

Prize support will be provided by GMT Games (

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