C&CAncients Vassal module v 3.2 + Expansions 1-4

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Recently Bill Bennet posted on CCAvassal Yahoo Group! some news the new version (v 3.2) of famous C&CAncients module to play online using VassalEngine.

Extension files fully compatible with version 3.2 of the C&C Ancient module are also available.  In order to simplify downloading, you will find them assembled into a single archive file, named "CCAv3_ExtensionPack.zip".

Unzip the file into an extension folder named for the v3.2 module, as appropriate to your system (i.e. "C&CAncientsv3_ext").

You should find all extension files contained in the archive file:

You can download it here: CCAncients_V3 and also Extensions.
If you are searching for the "Italian Cards"... I'm working on it! Stay tuned.

Thank you Bill for your great work! Commands & Colors: Ancients online game experience is even better with your new Vassal module!!!


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