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2009-07-14 Tabletop Hexless Variant

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Aaron Bell (a.k.a. bestbandis on BGG) is back, publishing his hexless variant for Commands & Colors: Ancients!!!

This is pretty much a straight conversion from the board game to a hexless, tabletop version. Use the normal unit stats and rules as written unless there is anything here that supersedes them.
These rules are intended to keep the flexibility of the boardgame while making it look and play a little more like a classic tabletop rule set.
For play you will need appropriate figures based on DBx-standard elements. Units should be four elements in double-line if foot, three elements in wedge formation if cavalry, and two elements side by side if elephants, chariots or war-machines. Elements are not removed as casualties. Use markers to keep track of losses.

For easier reference, HEXLESS VARIANT RULES has been added to "Variants Menu" on the left (CLICK HERE).

In Download Area you will also find the original PDF by the author (CLICK HERE).

Thank you Aaron for sharing this great variant with us!


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