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2009-05-06 Thank you John!

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Mr. John Foley (Author of the very first official website dedicated to CCAncients - recently contacted me to congratulate about the website and, after my request to publicly quote his comment he elegantly replied:

“You are free to post my comments - I did not write them to call any attention to myself - you deserve the highest praise for such a beautiful and useful resource. Thank you and my very best wishes, John“

You deserve much more than this, John.

“I have been so busy designing and developing other games that I have been out of touch with this beautiful game, C&C Ancients.
Your web site is magnificent.
Thank you for using any of my previous materials and classifications and pulling them together in this simply SUPERB resource.
Bravo, bravissimo!
John Foley“

I want to THANK YOU, because your meticulous work gave me the impetus to start this adventure. is the First Attack, the Momentum Advance.


Thank you, sincerely.




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