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2009-02-18 Chronological Scenario List (updated)

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One of the (many) things we like about CCA is the HUGE number of official scenarios: just before Exp#4 brings us a lot more there have been 98!!! However, they are split into 4 booklets, 4 C3i journals, and 2 bonus packs, with often interlocking periods... So not very easy to choose one, or even go through a period without changing booklets (Exp#2 and #3 mostly, but also some battles in the period 260-200 BC and not in the Punic Wars, for example).

I have gone through the list, and sorted them chronologically, with the battle name color-coded by the booklet, the armies by the blocks used, and the star indicating the historical victor. I had in mind the binder someone suggested at CSW, with pre-punched sleeves, so I scanned the scenarios for which I didn't have a pdf version (all expansions plus C3i), and now I have printed them and put them in sleeves into a binder.

But once the scan part of the work was done, I thought that a nice bonus to the list could be obtained by adding a "stamp-like" icon with the battlefield, just big enough to get a rough idea of what the battle looks like, and the number of victory banners. Now you can look for a given period, or a terrain free battle, or a given number of banners (short/long battle) at a glance!


READ MORE for detailed infos.

CLICK HERE to download the PDF file.

CLICK HERE to read detailed thread on BGG.

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