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C&C:Ancients Expansion Pack #4 and #5

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GMT Games published some news about expansion set #4 and #5.

Here you will find direct link to GMT website pages:
EXP #4 - Imperial Rome
EXP #5 - Epic Ancients 1.



EXP #4 - Imperial Rome


Imperial Rome is the fourth expansion for Commands & Colors: Ancients.
In this expansion we have taken the opportunity to present a number of battles that we just did not have room to include in prior expansions. The Romans fight in Britain at Medway 43AD, against Boudica at Watling Street 61 AD, and later at Mons Graupius 84AD. Antony and Octavian of the Second Triumvirate battle it out twice with Cassius and Brutus at Philippi 42BC. But the main focus of this expansion is Rome's conflicts against the Parthian Empire, Teutonic Barbarians and internal turmoil of civil wars until Constantine becomes the undisputed Roman Emperor around 325AD.
Imperial Rome is packed full of unique and interesting play concepts and new units: cataphracted cavalry, wagon laager forts, massed units of horse archers, light infantry tossing caltrops and more. Each of these concepts operates within the confines of the original system rules, with only slight modifications to reflect historical abilities and importance. So, rules-wise, if you own Commands & Colors: Ancients, you'll have no trouble learning the few new special rules.

 Planned scenarios:

1- Tigranocerta 69 BC
2- Carrhae 53 BC
3- Philippi I 42 BC
4- Philippi II 42 BC
5- Cilician Gates 39 BC
6- Phraaspa 36 BC
7- Medway 43 AD
8- Watling Street 61 AD
9- Badriacum I 69 AD
10- Mons Graupius 84 AD
11- Issus 194 AD
12- Lugdunum 197 AD
13- Nisibis 217 AD
14- Hormuz 226 AD
15- Carthage 238 AD
16- Abrittus 251 AD
17- Edessa 259 AD
18- Naissus 268 AD
19- Placentia 271 AD
20- Fano 271 AD
21- Pavia 271 AD
22- Immae 272 AD
23- Milvian Bridge 312 AD
24- Cibalae 314 AD 


EXP #5 - Epic Ancients 1


Commands & Colors: Epic Ancients I  is the fifth expansion for the Commands & Colors: Ancients game.
Commands & Colors: Epic Ancients I - allows experienced players the opportunity to fight historical ancient battles on an Epic scale. The Command & Colors: Epic Ancient rules are not overly complex, nor do they change the way the basic game system works. The Epic game allows up to eight friends to experience the competitive fun of an Epic size Ancients battle, but Epic Ancients is excellent as a two player game where opponents want to take a little extra time with a battle.

All images and texts are copyright GMT GAMES LLC and Richard Borg.

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