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2020-12-14 New maps published (by Travis Taliaferro)

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Hi guys,

after the recent submission from Benedetto it's time for another "Christmas gift" with even more scenarios from Travis.

Here they are:

TT37 Antioch (218 AD)
TT38 Boar's Grave (685 BC)
TT39 Citium (386 BC)
TT40 Daphnae (344 BC)
TT41 Memphis (456 BC)
TT42 Mendesian Nile Mouth (373 BC)
TT43 Plains of Pelusium (344 BC)
TT44 Sidon (345 BC)
TT45 Dyme (226 BC)
TT46 Ladoceia (227 BC)
TT47 Mount Lycaeum (227 BC)
TT48 Pallantium (228 BC)
TT49 Sellasia (222 BC)

Thank you Travis for your contributions.

If you would like having a look to all maps created by Travis, then take a look at his "Designer Page" (Travis Taliaferro).

Enjoy playing these CCA maps!

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