2018-05-02 The Forgotten Battle

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 Hi guys,

the user "LeonardoAngelo" found some missing scenarios and I think it would be great for us to cover the gap.

Let's see if there are some good scenario designer out there (I do know there are a lot of them) to create these missing scenarios.

Here you can find a brief list.

More details in the forum thread.


First Punic war

1) Multistrat 260 BC 
2) The Battle of Egesta. 260 BC
3) Parop battle . 260 BC
4) Liliba 250 BC
5) Battle of mount Eryx. 249 BC
6) Battle of mount Eryx. 244 BC
7) Battle of mount Eryx. 241 BC

Some famous battles of Carthage from the age of Punic wars

1) When the city Margane Hieron II defeated mamertines 269 or 268 BC
2) battle of the river Kiamotor won mamertini, commander Decius Campanet 269 or 268 BC
3) Battle on the plain Milaski 269 or 268 BC
4) Iberia. The battle at Acre Lackey. The battle was Hasdrubal Beautiful against Orissa. 228-227 BC
5) Kartala. 221 BC Hannibal against the Iberian tribes of the olcades.
6) Germanica (sovr. Salamanca) 220 BC Hannibal against Iberian tribes of vakeev
7) the Siege and storming of Saguntum. Hannibal against the Greek colony of Saguntum.
8) Iberia. Carthage war with the tartessians. 215 BC

famous battles of the Sicilian wars

1) the First Battle of Himera 480 BCE.ad
2) Titus Livius in his work mentions another invasion of Sicily by Carthage in 431 BC
3) the Battle of Egesta - 410 BC War with Carthage Diakom
4) the Battle of Selinunte in 409 BC war of Carthage with the Diocesan
5) Third battle of Himera 406 BC Battle happened in the first war of Carthage with the Temples
6) Capture Of Hippo By Carthage. (now Vibo Valentia), in southern Italy
7) the second battle of Syracuse. 343 BC War Carthage with Timoleon
8) second battle of Gehl (311 BC) war of Carthage with Agathocles
9) the Third battle of Syracuse. 310 BC War of Carthage with Agathocles
10) Battle at the city of Arbus. 309 or 308 g. before.BC
11) Megalopoli. 310 or 309 BCE
12) Capture of Naples, the African (modern. Nabul) 309 BC
13) Hadrumet 309 BC War of Carthage with Agathocles
14) Thaps (sovr. FAPs) 309 BC
15) the Battle of hill Safonov 307 ВС
16) Utica. 307 BC
17) Miltini 306 BC
18) the Battle in the area Pithecusa. 306 BC
19) the Battle between Arias 289-280 BC
20) the Battle of Panorm (present. Palermo.)

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