2014-10-03 Published 5 new maps (by Jim Duncan)

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And here it comes the "Autumn Gift": 5 new scenarios, mostly from Sicilian Wars.

JD141 Abacaenum (393 BC)
JD142 Damurias River (338 BC)
JD143 Second Himera - 409 BC
JD144 Gela - 405 BC
JD145 Abolus River - 338 BC

Thank you Jim for submitting 5 new scenarios on commandsandcolors.net/ancients map database. Your contribution is awesome.

If you would like having a look to all maps created by Jim, then click his name Jim Duncan  and see his "Designer Page".

Don't forget to update CCA Vassal extension with all his maps.

Enjoy playing these CCA maps!


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