212 Bruttium (71 BC)

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Historical Background
Spartacus retreated through Lucania into Bruttium and toward the sea. He encamped at Rhegium where he attempted to gain passage to Sicily with the help of some Cilician pirate ships. Spartacus judged he could open a new front against Rome by starting another slave rebellion in Sicily. Unfortunately, the treacherous pirates deceived Spartacus. After coming to terms with him and receiving payment, they simply sailed away. When Crassus came upon Spartacus at Rhegium, he decided to exploit the engineering skills of his legions. The Roman army built a wall and ditch across the isthmus, some 30 kilometers in length. Spartacus was walled in, but he did not attempt to break out until his provisions began to fail. After two strenuous efforts to break free, his main force still remained trapped. Waiting and watching for a weak spot, the opportunity came one snowy night. The Slave army crossed the ditch and breached the wall to gain its freedom, but casualties were still very heavy, and only about a third of Spartacus’s men were able to escape. Crassus hurried after them in pursuit.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. The rest is history.

Light SlingAuxilia InfantryMedium InfantryWarriorsLight CavalryLeader
Light BowAuxiliaMedium InfantryLight CavalryMedium CavalryLeader

War Council

Slave Army
• Leader: Spartacus
• 6 Command Cards 
• Move First

Roman Army
• Leader: Crassus
• 5 Command Cards      

6 Banners

Special Rules
A Slave foot unit that exits off the Roman side of the battlefield immediately counts as one Victory Banner. The unit is removed from play.

• Ditch (use Broken Ground terrain tiles) - A unit must stop when it enters a ditch hex and may move no further on that turn. A ditch hex has no other battle restrictions or effects. Units battle normally into or out of a ditch hex. A ditch hex does not block line of sight.

Marius Legions Rule is in effect.

• ‘I Am Spartacus’ Slave player rule is in effect.

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der_mandarin's Avatar
der_mandarin replied the topic: #2846 1 year 11 months ago
Two line command cards for the Romans as well as one for the Slaves led to a fierce clash right at the ramparts with Rome gaining a quick 3-0 lead. Things started to turn a bit when Spartacus with a few choice units managed to break through the Roman line and scale the ramparts. Ultimately though, the Romans ended up being victorious when the mounted charge by Slaves on the left wing failed.

A few notes:
Getting onto the ramparts with the medium units ASAP seems to be necessary for the Romans. Being able to ignore flags and swords is huge.
On the flip side Romans don't necessarily want to descend the ramparts to go and chase weakened Slave units that retreated. Makes for a tough choice.
Another tough choice (at least for me) is, when to utilize the light cavalry units hidden in the woods. They seem to get routed easily after a mistimed play.

All in all a very interesting scenario with nice optics and gameplay!

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