405 Cilician Gates (39 BC)

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Historical Background
After his victory at Philippi, Mark Antony was intent on waging war against the Parthians and avenging the defeat at Carrhae. Anthony sent Pubulius Ventidius Baussus ahead to pave the way. Ventidius was one of the most successful Roman generals who fought the Parthians. His use of ranged weapon troops and terrain to combat the Parthian cavalry gave him several victories.
Ventidius marched into Syria and encountered Quintus Labienus, a renegade Republican officer who had served under Brutus and then joined the Parthians. Ventidius gave chase, tracking Labienus down at the Cilician Gates, the main pass through the Taurus Mountains that separated Cilicia from Anatolia. Ventidius made camp on the heights while Labienus, expecting Parthian reinforcements, camped a short distance from the away. The Parthian cavalry under Pacorus soon arrived. Utterly fearless of the Romans, the Parthian horsemen did not wait to join Labienus but instead directly charged the heights. The Roman force, well supplied with missile troops and benefitted from the terrain, repulsed the attack and drove off the Parthians. The surviving Parthians fled to the Labienus’ camp. Labienus avoided the fight and managed to escape again after dark. The way was now clear for Antony to invade Mesopotamia.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?

Light BowAuxiliaLight Bow CavalryHeavy CavalryLeader
Light SlingLight BowMedium InfantryHeavy InfantryMedium CavalryLeader

War Council

Parthian Army
Leader: Pacorus
5 Command Cards      
Move First

Roman Army
Leader: Pubulius Ventidius Baussus
6 Command Cards 

6 Banners

Special Rules
When a unit occupies an enemy camp hex at the start of the owning player's turn, remove the camp terrain tile hex and collect one Victory Banner.

The Julian Legions rule is in effect for the Romans.

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Lastall replied the topic: #3601 2 years 3 months ago
Not a fan at all with this map. Romans sit on the hills and shoot or the map stalemates. There is no reason for the Romans to be aggressive.
GF1954 replied the topic: #2535 4 years 7 months ago
The Romans can not sit on the hills, but must be aggressive with their infantry.
g1ul10's Avatar
g1ul10 replied the topic: #1855 5 years 11 months ago
WIth the Romans I decided a sortie on my left right flank to attack the advanced Auxilia without leader. I knew it was dangerous and in fact the following Parthian Mounted Charge proved decisive. I lost 6 to 1.
Mark-McG's Avatar
Mark-McG replied the topic: #1767 6 years 1 month ago
Played today and this went to the Romans 6-5 with the Parthian LBC sitting in the Roman camp.
Romans snatched the win just in time.
Despite the 5-0 Roman record, I think this quite a closely matched scenario.

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