JB07 Grumentum (215 BC)

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Carthaginian vs Roman

Historical Background
“About the same time as the siege of Cumae was raised Tiberius Sempronius surnamed Longus*, fought a successful action near Grumentum in Lucania against the Carthaginian commander Hanno. He killed over 2000 of the enemy with a loss to himself of 280 men, and captured 41 military standards. Hanno, forced out of Lucania, withdrew into Bruttium.”

* Longus was the same Roman noble who as consul led the Roman joint consular armies to a major defeat at the hands of Hannibal at the Trebia in late 218 BC.

(The above is from Livy’s Book 23 Chapter 37).

The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. The rest is history.

War Council

Roman Army:
Leader: Longus
5 Command Cards      
Move First

Carthaginian Army:
Leader: Hanno
4 Command Cards     

5 Banners

Special Rules
Command Rules: A Leader attached (stacked with) a friendly unit may cancel one sword hit on the unit in lieu of canceling a retreat hit. A unit involved in close combat with the support of a Leader may only count one helmet hit amongst those rolled to inflict a hit on an opposing unit.

Outflanking---This is an easy way of introducing facing and flanks to the game with little fuss—it can be retrofitted to other scenarios where appropriate:
A unit is said to be “Outflanked” if it is surrounded in all six adjacent hexes by either enemy units, or hexes adjacent to an enemy unit. The presence of friendly units does not negate an “Outflanked” situation in any way. Units on the board edges (and not surrounded by six adjacent hexes) cannot be “Outflanked”.
Effects of being Outflanked: “Outflanked” units when battling back roll only half the normal number of dice they would be normally entitled to rounded up—to a maximum of only two dice—“Outflanked” units when battling back never hit on helmet rolls even if supported by a leader. A unit’s “Outflanked” situation is judged at the instant it battles back.

Numidian Cavalry: The Carthaginian Light Cavalry unit only retreats two hexes per Flag result taken or inflicted—in battle back only it also hits on swords regardless of opponent.

Scenario Note: Since little is known of this battle it is assumed that the two armies run into each other while marching near a range of small hills somewhere in Lucania and the Romans manage to get into battle order first while the Carthaginians are still forming up some of their troops.

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