JB16 Trimos River

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Hyperborean vs Hyrcanian

Historical Background
This is a fantasy scenario.

The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. The rest is history.

War Council

Hyperborean Army:
Leader: Hyperborean General
5 Command Cards      

Hyrkanian Army:
Leader: Hyrkanian General
4 Command Cards     
Move First


Hyperborean Army

Setup: First in hexes in rows H and I –Free Setup, may setup on the Old Bridge
X2 Elite Light Horse Archers (Hyperborean Mounted Archers)
X2 Elite Heavy Cavalry  (Guards Cavalry)
X2 Heavy Chariots   (Chariot Corps)
X2 Light Archers   (The Thurn Archers)
X4 Medium Infantry (1st & 2nd Gwalur Infantry)
X2 Heavy Infantry (The Thurn Infantry)
X1 Heavy War Machine
X1 Leader (Hyperborean General)

Hyrkanian Army
Setup: Second in non-river hexes in rows A and B –Free Setup
X4 Medium Cavalry (Fort Ghori Cavalry & Imperial Horse)
X2 Elephants              (Elephant Corps)
X6 Heavy Infantry  (1st 2nd & 3rd Imperial Foot Guards)
X2 Light Archers     (The Imperial Archers)
X1 Heavy War Machine
X1 Light War Machine
X1 Leader (Hyrkanian General)

8 Banners

Special Rules
1)    Light Foot Archer units may not evade, but battle-back only with 3 dice.
2)    Remove all the Order Light Troops(x4 Cards) and the two Move-Fire-Move cards from the Command Deck—leaving a 54 Card Command Deck for the scenario.
3)    Elite Hyperborean Light Horse Archer units hit on swords in both close combat attacks & battle-back—additionally they are not affected by enemy sword hits. Treat as Medium Cavalry both in retreat distance and for close-combat/battle back dice (they ‘normally’ roll 3 dice in those situations not 2 dice). This unit may evade normally.
4)    Elite Hyperborean Heavy Cavalry units are not affected by enemy sword hits.
5)    Heavy War Machine range is 5 hexes maximum only. Ordered Heavy War Machines must roll a normal 6-sided dice before they fire each time to see if they are ‘ready’ to fire…on a ‘3-6’ they fire normally—on a ‘1-2’ they are not ready and don’t fire—the order is wasted in that case. Heavy War Machine units hit on ‘swords’ when missile firing except if the type targeted ignores swords normally in close-combat. 
6)    Light War Machine range is 4 hexes maximum only. An Ordered Light War Machine must roll a normal 6-sided dice before they fire each time to see if they are ‘ready’ to fire…on a ‘2-6’ they fire normally—on a ‘1’ they are not ready and don’t fire—the order is wasted in that case.
7)    Close-Combat/Battle-back into or out of Bridge hexes is at -1 dice below ‘normal’
8)    The River is impassable except at the Bridges & and the two Fordable hexes (A2 & F3). Bridge hexes may be entered/attacked into from any adjacent non-river hex. Bridges do not block line of sight.
9)  Outflanking---This is an easy way of introducing facing and flanks to the game with little fuss—it can be retrofitted to other scenarios where appropriate:
A unit is said to be “Outflanked” if it is surrounded in all six adjacent hexes by either enemy units, or hexes adjacent to an enemy unit. The presence of friendly units or impassable terrain does not negate an “Outflanked” situation in any way. Units on the board edges (and not surrounded by six adjacent hexes) cannot be “Outflanked”.
Effects of being Outflanked: “Outflanked” units when battling back roll only half the normal number of dice they would be normally entitled to rounded up—to a maximum of only two dice—“Outflanked” units when battling back never hit on helmet rolls even if supported by a leader. A unit’s “Outflanked” situation is judged at the instant it battles back.
10) The Hyperborean General/Leader may move up to four hexes when ordered to move without a unit (moving by himself).  Leader units on both sides in close-combat or battle-back may only benefit units they are directly stacked with (but see the optional regimental rules below for an exception).

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