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EPIC01 Cannae (216 BC)

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EPIC Cannae 216 BC

Carthaginians vs Romans

Historical Background
Finally aware of the true threat posed by Hannibal, the Romans assembled a truly large army, perhaps up to 80,000 strong, lead by two consuls and two pro-consuls. When both consuls were present, Roman tradition was for them to alternate overall command from one day to the next. Unfortunately, on the day of battle, the incompetent consul Varrus held command and determined to attack Hannibal, who had posted his army in a location that negated the Roman advantage in numbers - bluffs on one flank and the Aufidus river on the other. Undeterred, Varrus simply packed his legions one behind the other into the constricted area and launched the mass headlong at the Carthaginian center. They advanced into yet another trap.
Hannibal had deployed his excellent cavalry and heavy infantry on the wings, leaving his medium infantry and Celt levies in the center. The Roman advance did indeed push the Carthaginian center back and inflected losses, but in the meantime the Carthaginian cavalry had routed the Roman cavalry on both flanks and closed in on the rear of the Roman army while the heavy infantry advanced on both Roman flanks. Surrounded and unable to maneuver, the Roman soldiers were slaughtered by the thousands and the army was destroyed. Cannae was Rome's greatest military defeat and Hannibal's greatest victory.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?

War Council

Carthaginian Army:
Leader: Hannibal
9 Command Cards

Roman Army:
Leader: Varrus
6 Command Cards 
Move First

12 Banners

Special Rules
• The Aufidus River is impassable.
• The hill hexes are impassable.


Tags: Expansion 3, Epic, Carthage, Roman, 12 banners

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SimSportPlyr replied the topic: #1513 2 years 4 months ago
Ale -
I much prefer the higher-quality image. Thank you so much!
I cannot say whether it is worth the effort to upload other, higher-res images, since it's not my effort.
alecrespi's Avatar
alecrespi replied the topic: #1512 2 years 4 months ago
Hi SimSportPlyr,
I'm sorry for the late reply.
I've just uploaded a bigger quality map picture.
What do you think about it?
Sadly all pictures have to be exported manually (1 by 1) to higher quality and then bulk updated on website.
If you guys think it's worth the pain... I'll plan this update for the months to come.
Let me know.
SimSportPlyr replied the topic: #1437 2 years 7 months ago
When I do a browser Save Image As on the map, I get a 78KB file, which is low res.
Is there a way to get a higher res version of the map and/or a unit type list?
MasterChief's Avatar
MasterChief replied the topic: #880 7 years 11 months ago
This was a lot of fun. It was very interesting how the middle game was just positioning and recovering from the little opening gambits. I don't think any of my games so far have had such a long period of positioning.
Tuscan-Centurion's Avatar
Tuscan-Centurion replied the topic: #875 7 years 11 months ago
Played this last night with Master Chief. I was Theban and he was the Spartans. Here's an AAR on the game.
An interesting smaller scenario that produced an intriguing game. Theban started with "Mounted Charge" by the 3 medium cav that targeted the 2 Spartan Light infantry. Hoped to pick up 2 quick banners. The result was 2 eliminated blocks for the Spartan infantry and a one block loss for the Theban horse. A quick counter, "Order 4 Units Left" by the Spartans had 1 Theban medium cav eliminated (0-1). Second turn had the Thebans pressing their cav attack against the light inf which eliminated it and evened the score (1-1). Then a number of turns was spent by both sides pulling back forward units and manoeuvring their troops into lines for a big push. Each side made the odd Ranged attack or small CC that raised the score to 2-2. The Spartans pulled back their whole line and waited while the Thebans slowly edged forward. Then a 'Line Command' card advanced the whole Theban line that pitched it into CC with half of the Spartan line. It cost the Spartan a light and a medium unit along with a leader (double helmets on the ldr casualty DR) and it was 5-2 to the Thebans. The Spartan then thought for a while to play 'Counterattack' and advanced what was left of their phalanx (2 heavies each with a leader and 2 mediums) at the Theban line. Took out the 3 Theban heavies to even the score (5-5). The Theban ldr managed to survive all this and it finally came down to an 'Order 2 units Left' card from the Theban to try and take out the last block from a Spartan heavy unit that survived the previous carnage. The Light infantry missed with their spears so the one remaining Theban Med cav charged and rolled a red square (and a sword) to take the game by the narrowest of margins (6-5). Cannot ask for better than that.

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