005 Trebbia (218 BC)

1 year 2 months ago #4448 by Dionysius of Omaha
Trebbia – 218 B.C.E.

Turn 2: Roman Commander Tiberius Sempronius Longus orders two line commands in row to dutifully move his legions and auxiliaries forward. After the lines get close, Hanno suddenly jumps on the Roman left with cavalry, elephants, and heavy infantry. The Roman line on the left is damaged but holding.

Turn 3: Fighting continues on the Roman left as the Clash of Shields takes its toll. All tied at one banner.

Turn 4: Hannibal orders both flanks forward, including his war elephants. The Romans, impressively, pretty much hold their lines again. One group of elephants ends up retreating and rampaging, but few folks are trampled in the dustup. All tied at two banners.

Turn 5: Sempronius leads his legionnaires to charge the center breaking the Punic line. Roman medium infantry and some brave warriors strike the war elephants on the Carthaginian left flank and eliminate the beasts! Rome up four to two. Hannibal tried to crush Consul Sempronius between a medium infantry unit and some auxiliaries, but the Roman general and his legionary troops stand firm. During the battle back, the Romans completely wipe out the Carthaginian auxiliaries (i.e., Incredible dice rolling by the Romans!). But hold, what is this?!? During the leader casualty check, double helmets are rolled and the courageous Sempronius falls on the field of battle! Could this be the turning point? Rome 5, Carthage 4.

Turn 6: The Romans play the I am Spartacus! card and move two light auxiliary units and one medium infantry unit. The auxiliary unit on the Roman left bravely engages a Carthaginian heavy infantry unit. (The auxiliary unit only has one block left, so it is being sacrificed in order to weaken the heavy Punic unit.) But lo and behold, the auxiliaries charge forth and a killer roll wipes out the heavy infantry! It is now 6 to 4 in favor of the Romans. But another Roman unit in the center strikes out against a weakened Carthaginian medium infantry unit. The Gods favor Rome this day as the Carthaginian unit is eliminated thus securing the seventh and final banner. Consul Sempronius is buried with full honors by the Senate and People of Rome. Hannibal, meanwhile, has some harsh words for General Mago Barca who never showed up to ambush the Romans.

Note: Played this one a second time and the results were dramatically different. Hannibal won overwhelmingly 7 to 2 after 11 turns. General Mago showed up this time with his ambush to help crush the Romans, but was taken out during leadership casualty check.

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1 year 3 weeks ago #4475 by Actorios
Replied by Actorios on topic 005 Trebbia (218 BC)
Game Summary from my game partner (Bart):
Mago ambushed the Roman right flank on the very first card, eliminating 2 units. When 2 other roman units fell, the battle seemed over. Rome however advanced in the center, pushing back the opposing Carthaginian troops and gaining several victory banners doing so. In the end Carthage prevailed by mopping up the remnants of the roman right flank. 7-4 Carthaginian victory.

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