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609 Olpae (426 BC)

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5 years 6 months ago - 5 years 6 months ago #1320 by Alessandro Crespi
Alessandro Crespi created the topic: 609 Olpae (426 BC)
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4 months 4 weeks ago #2033 by Mark-McG
Mark-McG replied the topic: 609 Olpae (426 BC)
Something that came up was how to read in the ambush Special Rule
"Place the units adjacent to or on a vacant forest hex. "

Does it mean each unit is placed in/next to a forest hex, OR, all units are placed next to a single forest hex.
I have always read it as the former.

However, in reading it that way, it is possible that the Athenian ambush force can scatter, and not be a continuous string of units which is the condition of the Leadership card. Being a special rule, this may be irrelevant, but it does add weight to the latter reading.

In OT play, I think the 1st reading has been universally used. So play it that way for the OT.

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