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OT 2018 Round 1

1 year 3 weeks ago #2427 by Mark-McG
OT 2018 Round 1 was created by Mark-McG
OT 2018 Round 1
I've attempted to pair players with previous...

OT 2018 Round 1

"I will either find a way, or make one."
attrib to Hannibal Barca

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1 year 2 weeks ago - 1 year 2 weeks ago #2428 by Mark-McG
Replied by Mark-McG on topic OT 2018 Round 1
Round 1 Mad Doc vs Mark McG
Two tough matches, in both cases the elephant died first battleback without any real achievement.

Match 1
Mad Doc (Roman): 6 banners
Mark McG (Carthage): 7 banners
Rome came on strong on their right, and the elephant attacked and immediately died. The Romans proceeded to take this flank apart, and only Mago and two deplete LC escaped. However, the Carthaginians were advancing on their right, and the score culminated at 6-6. Should have lost here, as Rome had 3 chances to win and each one fell short. I made no mistake on the riposte and snatched victory from defeat. Breathtakingly close.

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File Name: OT2018R1G1.vlog
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Match 2
Mad Doc (Carthage): 5
Mark McG (Roman): 7
Romans had nothing on the right, and for half the game this flank sat dormant. On the Roman left, the Carthaginians advanced and the Romans matched them. A bloody tussle ensued, and just as the Romans looked to be gaining the upper hand, Gracchus fell to a double Leader loss roll. As the dust settled, the score was 3-4.
At this point the Romans adjusted their right flanks line, and the Carthaginians made a Mounted charge. Fortunately the elephant failed and was dispatched, but a Carthaginian Light cav was destroyed on the response. Score stood at 4-5, but the Romans could follow up on this flank (at last) and took 3 banners in a row, including the death of Mago (for which I have no tears, I must have made 3-4 1 die leader checks on Hanno and Mago, had to happen eventually). Final stroke was getting a 1 block Light Cavalry as it evaded.

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File Name: OT2018R1G2.vlog
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"I will either find a way, or make one."
attrib to Hannibal Barca
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1 year 1 week ago #2437 by Polonus100
Replied by Polonus100 on topic OT 2018 Round 1
Could I be the 30th player? GMT+1 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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1 year 1 week ago #2439 by Mark-McG
Replied by Mark-McG on topic OT 2018 Round 1
certainly.. I'll email you more details

"I will either find a way, or make one."
attrib to Hannibal Barca

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1 year 1 week ago - 1 year 1 week ago #2440 by Stanislav27
Replied by Stanislav27 on topic OT 2018 Round 1
Round 1 - BrentS vs Stanislav27

Two closely fought battles. I have the honour of reporting the first one

Match 1
Stanislav27 (Roman): 7 banners
BrentS (Carthage): 6 banners

An exciting battle commenced with light skirmishing on the Roman right, where the legions sought to pin down the Carthaginian elephant with light infantry, and the Punic forces sought to hit the light/auxilia troops hard in return. The first banner of the battle was, however, scored on the Roman left. A courageous charge by a contingent of Warrior infantry was the last thing brave Hanno ever saw. After the fortuitous killing of the Carthaginian leader on the left, the Romans fought on, killing the heavy infantry unit Hanno had led before his untimely end. The Punic general did not give up, however, and counter-attacked the Roman right flank, with one Line Command being executed in very timely manner so as to ensure Carthaginian initiative on the entire field of battle. Indeed, Carthage's Warrior unit on its left slaughtered two units of Roman soldiers before Gracchus regained the flank.

Clashes in the centre and the Roman right continued without the balance being tipped one way or another. The Carthaginian counter-push in the centre with a half-depleted Warrior unit proved to be a costly gambit. The Warriors almost dispatched a unit of medium Roman infantry, but the legionnaires held their ground and killed the barbaric berserkers on the battle-back.

The focus then shifted to the Carthaginian light, where unlucky Punic rolls for the final blows proved devastating. The Romans maintained cohesion of their depleted units and held their ground, enabling a counter-push which brought down some Punic medium infantry, giving the Romans a 5-2 lead.

The Punic general now unleashed his hidden weapon. A mounted charge of elephants and light cavalry sought to demolish the Roman right. The Carthaginians were succesful in this endeavor, even as the elephant perished to a determined counter-attack by Roman auxilia and light infantry. The Numidian cavalry (with a second consecutive mounted charge), however, made short work of the weakened Roman units in this sector of the battlefield, claiming three victory banners in one turn, tipping the result from 6-3 to 6-6 in the process.

With the Roman right flank completely decimated, Gracchus seized the initiative on the opposite flank. He personally led his unit of Heavy infantry against a full-strength Punich medium infrantry detachment. Inspired by their general, the legionnaires inflicted terrible wounds upon the enemy, forcing them back. On the bonus combat following the momentum advance, Gracchus' skilled soldiers made no mistake and finished off the Carthaginian opposition. Thus, the Romans prevailed on the left even as Carthage won the day across the battlefield.

A very close engagement, where especially the early (and lucky) blow to Hanno in the Punic right seemed decisive. Carthage proved its worth through its determined cavalry attack on their left, gaining 4 of their 6 victory banners in just two turns of elephant- and horse-driven attacks.

Brent will provide us with a report of the rematch shortly. I thank him not only for a very thrilling game, but also for being patient with me through a number of vassal mess-ups. Kudos!

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File Name: FirstBattleOT.vlog
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1 year 1 week ago - 1 year 1 week ago #2441 by BrentS
Replied by BrentS on topic OT 2018 Round 1
  • Round 1

    BrentS (Roman) - 7 banners
    Stansilav27 (Carthage) 6 banners

    Another close one to tie up the round. I pushed my right leader and infantry deep into the Carthaginian centre looking to score the 3 banner upgrade quickly, only to lose him to another leader check (not a double helmet this time!). This left my stranded infantry exposed and suffering the indignity of being run down in close combat by light cavalry. With the Roman army a scattered and battered mess on the centre and right, I double timed Gracchus into the Roman left and centre, only for him to lose the Heavy Infantry on a 4 hit battle back from Hanno's 1 block unit. Down 5 to 3 I was in serious danger of losing both matches. Getting my third banner and up to 6 cards happened just in time. A bit of luck swung my way and Gracchus was able to attach to a depleted warrior, take out Hanno's unit and advance for a 2 green kill on an evading light infantry. At 6 banners apiece Carthage attempted to finish it off with Mago's light cavalry charging a 1 block Auxilia, failing, and dying on the battle back.

    Thanks to Stanislav for two very tense, close fought and enjoyable matches....and that's enough leader death for the tournament, thanks.....felt like we were playing Samurai Battles :).
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    1 year 6 days ago #2442 by mk20336
    Replied by mk20336 on topic OT 2018 Round 1
    Round 1 CrimsonCobraX vs Michal K

    Match 1
    MichalK (Roman): 7 banners
    CrimsonCobraX (Carthage): 5 banners

    That was really bloody and crazy game. Elephant trumped the LC, killed one in rampage but before died did some damage. There was so many kills on 4 block units in one roll, even without leader - I do not remember such game.

    Initial clash was on Roman right, where their survival was at the verge (after not so successful DT). However, the response by Carthage with Order Light was not better either. Counter attack, and it is 4-0 for Romans, Carthage leader killed, 6 cards in hand. Piece of cake? No, not today.... Roman position was weak and Carthage rolls - perfect even without leader...

    In the long run Romans managed to win, but only with two banners lead which means the second game will be very interesting...

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    1 year 4 days ago #2446 by scipio1zama
    Replied by scipio1zama on topic OT 2018 Round 1
    Game 1
    Scipio1zama (Romans) – 7 banners
    Gleam13 (Carthaginians) – 6 banners

    After some initial skirmishing on the Roman left, he played a Double Time card and did some serious damage, destroying my auxilia and warrior, and reducing my HI to 2 blocks. My battle back did some damage. I came back with a Line Command, did some more damage, but didn’t take anyone out, and both my MI were weakened. Carthage next ordered Three on the Right and took out BOTH of my MI – score stood now at 4-0 favor of Carthage.
    I was able to eliminate one of his warriors with my HI, but then he took out the HI with a Darken the Sky turkey shoot – 5-1 Carthage.
    I then killed his HI, but Hanno skated away to safety – or so he thought. I moved my LI into range, took a pot shot – and killed Hanno. His Flank Attack saw him move a 1-block MI toward his edge on his right and advance his elephant on his left. I Counterattacked the Flank Attack card, moved my LI up on my left, took a pot shot at his 1-block MI – and killed it. I also chased his elephant back on my right. He Counterattacked my Counterattack and got another Flank Attack – moving up his elephant again. I used a Coordinated attack to move up my LI yet again on my left, took a pot shot at his 1-block warrior on his board edge – and killed it! On my right, I took a block from his elephant, he took one from my warrior. But the score now stood at 5-5!
    He attacked my LI on my left with his two LI, cut it off from retreat, and finally took it out, but that LI had taken out THREE enemy units – all with pot-shots. And I was now able to use my MC on my right, first with an Order Mounted card to kill his elephant, then a Mounted Charge card to attack and kill his LC on his board edge for the 7th banner. A hell of a game!
    Sadly, both Valeriy and I forgot to make a log file of this game

    Game 2
    Scipio1zama (Carthaginians) – 7 banners
    Gleam13 (Romans) – 4 banners

    The score does not really tell the tale of this game.
    After the initial Roman move on their right flank, the Carthaginians launched a Mounted Charge that resulted in three hits on the Roman Auxilia, in exchange for one hit on the Elephant. The Roman turn resulted in a whiff and a battle back whiff. Carthage used a Two Left card to attack and eliminate the Aux, then attack the MC with the elephant – and ran into a Roman First Strike – which whiffed – and then the attack eliminated the Roman MC with a hit and 2 retreats. The elephant advanced and attacked the Roman Warrior – and eliminated it.
    A Roman Double Time moved up 4 units – including the HI with leader, which killed one Carthaginian LC (Mago escaped to join the HI), but whiffed on the other, which evaded. His MI exchanged 2 hits each with my LB. I played another Left Card, and my HI with leader took out his weakened MI, then blew away the Roman HI with 5 hits – and took out the leader, too! We were both flabbergasted. Three turns played and I am up 6-1. But the Romans gallantly fought on, and the story continues.
    There was no low hanging fruit for the Carthaginians to get that last banner. Quite a few turns went by with the Carthaginian forming a line using Center cards and the Roman moving weakened right flank units to the center and taking pot-shots at the 1-block elephant – which I was unable to move to safety because my Left flank cards had run out. Finally he killed it. Meanwhile, I had built up a line, and I advanced it with a Line Command card – right into the teeth of another Roman Double Time.
    His attack vaporized one of my LI, and also eliminated a Warrior, while doing other damage and finally raising the Roman hand to six cards. My best response was a Two Center card which accomplished little. Now the Romans played Spartacus and rolled a red, a green and 3 flags – a great roll – and his attack created more damage, BUT the Roman HI was reduced to two blocks. I was finally in a position where I could get good use out of my Medium Troops Card, three of which attacked the Roman HI and took it out for the 7th banner. He had me sweating – some slightly better die rolls might have led to a great Roman comeback. Again – a hell of a game.
    (I'll send the log file as soon as I can find the d**n thing on my computer.)

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    1 year 3 days ago #2447 by Carthage
    Replied by Carthage on topic OT 2018 Round 1
    Game 1
    Carthage (Romans) – 7 banners
    ympytyar (Carthaginians) – 0 banners

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    1 year 2 days ago #2448 by Cavie
    Replied by Cavie on topic OT 2018 Round 1
    Game 1
    Cavie (Carthaginians) - 7 banners
    Nemo233 (Romans) - 3 banners

    Game 2
    Cavie (Romans) - 5 banners
    Nemo233 (Carthaginians) 7 banners

    Two very good games with a good mix of hard hitting and whiffing alike. In both games the Elephant had a lot of rampage and caused some thought on both sides. Good scenario to start the tourney!!

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