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MT55 Results

3 years 1 month ago #1405 by mk20336
MT55 Results was created by mk20336
As there is still problem with migration of tournament posts from old webpage, I am opening that thread for final games of MT55.

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3 years 1 month ago #1406 by mk20336
Replied by mk20336 on topic MT55 Results
MT55 Seminfinals, GAME 1

Scenario: AC40 Siege of Aduatuca (53 BC)

MichalK (Barbarians), 6 banners won, 20 blocks lost
Viridovilas (Romans), 3 banners won, 32 blocks lost

The game started slowly, with both sides regrouping and finding proper position. With one barbarian leader, I had to do some creative manoeuvring to be able to counter eventually Roman onslaught. In the meantime my lights helped greatly to weaken and even destroy some roman lights / AUX.

But then the moment came. First, my AUX in woods was destroyed and finally - Double Time with Caesar, two HI and MIs. End of game was looming for Barbarians; that will be quick game I thought. So Barbarians lost future units in that attack but then came a crucial moment in the game: play of Clash of Shields. That was completely devastating for romans, as 2 units perished and both HI were in bad shape. Rally by Romans helped only for the moment as First Strike dispatched first HI and then in another barbarian round, second HI was dealt with.

After this it was just matter of time to get last six banner for barbarians which was finally achieved by nailing down the MI to the boarder.

Well, most unexpected victory and result. Unfortunately, we will not be able to play the reverse as Max is too busy recently. That is a pity.

The plan now is to play the finale of MT55 (with Mark) on the weekend October 17-18. For all willing to join as observers we will provide info once we agree exact date/time.

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3 years 1 month ago #1407 by mk20336
Replied by mk20336 on topic MT55 Results
For all interested, me and Mark will be playing the MT55 finale on coming Saturday, October 17th, starting from 1000 GMT.
We aim to play both games.

As a reminder, the final scenario is:
308 Gergovia (52 BC)

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3 years 1 month ago #1411 by mk20336
Replied by mk20336 on topic MT55 Results
MT55 finals

Game 1

Gauls, Mark McG: 1 Banner won, 27 Blocks lost
Romans, MichalK: 8 Banners won, 13 Blocks lost

My idea was one: go as fast as possible towards hills, so Gauls do not have time to bring reinforcements nor leaders. Line Command helped here significantly, and very hard struggle uphill started. Mark had 3 (!) Light Troops cards which helped him to soften my units. However, Caesar was quickly dispatched forward, as well as cavalry commander , Manucius. HWWM did not played too much role here, neither Gauls reinforcements.

First blood, surprisingly, was drawn from 10th legion. As it occurred later, that was the only casuality Romans allowed. The breaking moment come with play of my Clash of Shields - path uphill was opened and slaughter began. Centre cards definitely helped to keep momentum, capture two camps as well as part of city walls. Game ended when MI entered Gergovia - despite incredible things being done by 1 block Gallic warrior.

Game 2
Gauls, MichalK: 8 Banner won, 35 Blocks lost
Romans, Mark McG: 7 Banners won, 32 Blocks lost

Now was the time to be beaten by formidable Julius Legions. So is started with double Green on HWM shoot at my LS. During the game Mark had couple of such moments when on 2 dices range combat he was scoring 2 hits… My idea for that game was one – get leaders to centre ASAP. In the long run I succeeded with bringing cavalry leader, but the second one did not make it to the hills – but helped to decimate one MI.
Two line commands by Romans brought both sides to close quarters. But with Gallic leader it was not so easy for Romans – especially uphill. At some point in time it was even 3-1 to Gauls, but then defence on hill ridge fallen, Gallic leader was killed, and it seemed everything will fall apart. It was 5-3 to Romans.
But brave Gauls with their well-placed, chirurgical attacks managed to pick 1 or 2 blocks Romans here and there. 5-5, 6-6, 7-7… Game was very close and was finished by… of course Calsh of Shileds played by Gauls, who even without leader, managed to score many points.
At this moment I would like to thank Mark for the game and organizing the MTs. I have real pleasure in those games and look forward to future games.

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