EPIC01 Cannae (216 BC)

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13 years 8 months ago - 13 years 8 months ago #333 by Alessandro Crespi
EPIC01 Cannae (216 BC) was created by Alessandro Crespi
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12 years 1 month ago #821 by King-Billy
Played this against my boy Daniel today using VASSAL Epic module. While we do have enough bits to play this on the Epic Boards, we do not have a set of Epic cards, which the VASSAL module does provide.

We have played a couple of Epic games using the normal cards, but the EPIC pack centainly game it a better flavour.

I had the Romans against Daniels Carthaginians. I spend a bit of time getting my line together while Daniel pushed his centre up. I saw a chance on my right and trapped one of his heavy cavalry where it could not retreat and killed it with my medium cavalry.

The centre turned into a scrum, with us both using line command cards to cause mass combat. Daniel should have read the historic description. His centre melted under my attck, but he was not in a position to hit me in the flanks with his heavy infantry. Hanno died trying to rally the centre.

He struggled to get his light cavalry into the battle, but it was to late, the Romans reversed history with a comprehensive win.

Romans 12 Carthaginians 6.

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10 years 1 month ago #1366 by Achtung-Panzer
Unusual to see this battle with terrain on both flanks instead of being on a wide open plain. Does this restrict the Carthaginian cavalry in their famous encircling move?

Has anyone played it on a plain board? But perhaps this would discourage the Romans from advancing at all?

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2 years 1 month ago #3354 by esparver73
Replied by esparver73 on topic EPIC01 Cannae (216 BC)
Rome started strong in the center and the Carthaginians advanced also in the center, which is a mistake, the Romans quickly mounted up victory banners leading 8 to 4. Then the Carthaginians switched tactics and started to hit on the wings, regaining terrain up to a 10-10 tie. But the Romans managed to break a couple more units for a 12-11 win.

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