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5 years 4 months ago #2533 by LeonardoAngelo
I copied a big chunk of text with dates justification, but nothing survived. I'm upset.

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5 years 4 months ago - 5 years 4 months ago #2534 by LeonardoAngelo
Cabala and Cronia

I understand that Wikipedia basically writes the right things.
But let me tell you what I found out.
The battle of Cabala, as well as the battle of Cronia occurred during the Fourth war of Carthage with Dionysius.
Diodorus Siculus writes that this war was in the period from
385 - 376 for the year.
Diodorus of Sicily writes unambiguously that the Magon was killed in battle 383 or 382.
And that the next commander who broke Dionysius of Cranii was Himilkon Ben McMahon.

In other sources followed by Wikipedia, we see that In the battle of Cabala (which was a suffocating)
commander Magon died. And that his heir was chosen son, Gimilco Ben Magon.

And now the question. What is the probability that Carthage was at that time two Suffet with the name Magon, and both died in battle? and if it was one person, how could a magician die between 378-375 when he died earlier? at 383/382? ;)
That is why historians believe that after the death Magon and before the battle of Cronie could take several years, not months. Since Carthage had to equip a new army, to approve a new commander.
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5 years 4 months ago - 6 months 1 week ago #2536 by LeonardoAngelo

LeonardoAngelo wrote: 11. error in the list of scenarios in the Sicilian wars

error #1 . Why the in the list Sicilian wars is worth period 409-307 BC. This is not the case, for example even in this list there is a battle from 472 BC.
The first known history battle of Carthage and Syracuse took place in 480 BC. Therefore, the company should have been 480-264 BC. The fact that Carthage fought not only with Syracuse, but also with other Greek cities in Sicily.

error#2. The list does not include for example here is the battle

#1 fixed time period (600-265 BC) as seen on "Wikipedia"
#2 added 102 Himera battle to category

continue to fix bugs.
#3 to Correct the text of the description of the Sicilian war to date.
"...over control of Sicily between the years 480 to 307 BC."
#4 not a bug but rather a suggestion for improvement. It might make sense to create a sort capability in the map list. For example on dates. And then, added 2 maps: "102" and "jd98," and if the second - hit in its age, "102" caught between a battle 377-376 BC. Although it took place in 480 BC.
But if the project "the Forgotten battles" is successful, there will be more cards, including in this period. And when added to the category" Sicilian wars", regardless of the dates, will fall down the list.
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