DC01 Gaugamela (331 BC)

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Historical Background Darius had recruited the finest cavalry...

DC01 Gaugamela (331 BC)

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I played using the rules that gives Alexander an additional dice in close combat, also Companions and Hypaspists ignore one sword and may ignore one flag. Also I give the unit with Darius the Inmortals usual ability (bows) and one more: they ignore one sword.
I played for 7 banners (6 is so few for Gaugamela, it was a long battle).
It could be a good idea to put all chariots on the left, but I didn't change it.
I interpreted and changed some rules, but in spite of that this scenario likes me more than the official one. The possition of elephants, the importance of Companions, the possition of Darius... I think it reflects better History.

Hanjel de Alfheim
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