015 Zama (202 BC)

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015 Zama (202 BC) was created by alecrespi
Historical BackgroundCarthage is on the verge of defeat....

015 Zama (202 BC)

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3 months 3 days ago #3882 by clavain
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8-5 Carthage. Massinissa took out most of the Carthage light cavalry with a Mounted Charge while the Roman mediums forced back its counterpart, then Laelius foolishly advanced to combat an auxiliary, which destroyed him. The Romans (me) managed to maintain their line of foot and move it up into contact, while their light foot skirmished mostly unsuccessfully with the Carthaginian elephants, who had no cards to move, rampaging a couple but without doing any real damage. The Romans then foolishly attacked some elephants with medium foot, unsuccessfully but resulting in several weakened medium foot, which Carthage destroyed by moving up first their heavy foot and Hannibal. A prolonged counterattack on Hannibal destroyed his unit but again weakened several Roman units. Hannibal survived to flee to the warriors, bringing them up to destroy the final two required Roman units. Fun game, with a bit better Roman luck it would have been extremely close.

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