OT 2020 Round 3

1 year 2 weeks ago - 1 year 2 weeks ago #3443 by Gileforn
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Game 1

LeonardoAngelo (Macedonian) - 3
Gileforn (Greek) - 7

That was a hard game with destroying of Macedonian cavalry. Rush of the heavy infantry in the center could change the situation, but as a reasult luck was on the Greek side.

Game 1

LeonardoAngelo (Greek) - 7
Gileforn (Macedonian) - 4

This game was also with cavalry rush and destroying. An interesting rush of the Greek hoplites was finished on their right flank with total destroying. On the othe hand cavalry charge have changes a situation and Greek won.

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1 year 2 weeks ago #3444 by Stanislav27
Replied by Stanislav27 on topic OT 2020 Round 3
Stanislav27 (Macedonian): 7
soul1st (Greek): 6

Very tense fight. Commenced with Macedonian cavalry charges that petered out. Greeks fought with skill and imagination, inflicting many losses on the Macedonians, annihlating all three units of Medium Cavalry. However, the Macedonian phalanx proved very strong in the centre (not without suffering casualties however). In the final turn, with the scores 6-5 in Greek favour, the Macedonians killed two units (and captured the Greek camp in the process) to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

soul1st (Macedonian): 4
Stanislav27 (Greek): 7

Another tense, though slightly shorter game.

It commenced with an all-in Greek Thessalian Cavalry charge, which failed to have the desired impact, suffering a surprising amount of casualties. It was now the turn of the Macedonian cavalry to attack on both flanks to good effect. After a few tries, the Greeks finally managed to surround and rout the Macedonian Medium Cavalry on the Macedonian left wing. With the game in the balance, Craterus led a heroic charge on the Macedonian right, but his unit was heavily depleted. The charge failed and both unit and leader perished on the battle-back.

The Greeks then hunted down the final surviving Macedonian cavalry unit, completing the equine rout of the opponent.

The final phase of the game turned into a series of light unit skirmishing and sniping with the Greeks seeking victory before the full weight of the Macedonian phalanx could be brought down upon them. A very unfortunate lack of Centre Cards forced the Macedonians to respond to the Greek light infantry tactics with most of the Heavy Infantry static. As a final act of desperation, the Macedonians sought to screen the most advanced unit of Heavy Infantry, but the medicine turned out to be worse than the ailment. With the screening Light Infantry unable to evade or retreat, Antiphilus seized the moment and personally inspired two of the Greek units to capture the final Victory Banner.

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Thanks a lot to Twan for two very good and entertaining battles. I thought I was done for on a number of occasions, so it was a close thing throughout!

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1 year 1 week ago #3445 by der_mandarin
Replied by der_mandarin on topic OT 2020 Round 3
I was unable to reach g1ul10, unfortunately. Slim chance that my matchup will get played.

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1 year 1 week ago #3447 by mk20336
Replied by mk20336 on topic OT 2020 Round 3
Game 1
mk20336 (MichalK) (Greek): #7
MichaelV (Macedonian): #4

Very long and tense game, which saw Greeks (surprisingly!) attacking most of the game. Thessalian cavalry was a key to victory as well as Mounted Charge in first move which gave 3 banners to me (LC, MC and leader).

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Game 2
mk20336 (MichalK) (Macedonian): #7
MichaelV (Greek): #3

Completely different game, mainly played in center and no Thessalians in action. In clash of HI and HI the former were victorious although it could go any way.

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Many thanks to MichaelV for the games - especially in those difficult times in US!

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1 year 1 week ago #3448 by gottoman
Replied by gottoman on topic OT 2020 Round 3
Game 1
Greg O (Greek): #7
stormwalker (Macedonian): #6

Very close and exciting match. Started with a Greek Cav charge on the left gaining two banners with the wounded Thes. cav retreating back to the line. Then the Greeks formed two "circle" formations which pushed towards the right flank, eventually gaining control of the right, and the Macedonians formed on the left. Carnage ensued, and it came down to the last play where the Greeks gained the final banner, but if they failed, the Macedonians would have won instead. As close as they come!

Greg Ottoman

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1 year 1 week ago #3449 by stormwalker
Replied by stormwalker on topic OT 2020 Round 3
Game 2: JD10Crannon (322 BC)

Greg O (Macedonian): 2 banners
stormwalker (Greek): 7 banners

The usual opening cavalry charge gave the Greeks two quick banners. In response the Macedonian army commanded by Antipater pushed in the centre but the Greeks were prepared and resisted. So the Macedonians tried scoring some banners on their right wing. However, their surprising Double Time attack was somehow halted by a single Greek auxiliary unit. At which point the Greeks counter-attacked scoring the final banner.

Many thanks to Greg for playing!

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1 year 1 week ago #3454 by Lemming100
Replied by Lemming100 on topic OT 2020 Round 3
Game 1
Lemming100 (Macedonian) 7
Cavie (Greek) 5

A long match with an initial Greek Cavalry attack repulsed with the death of Menon and then much long range sniping from Macedonian LB and LS.
A push from the Heavy Macedonian infantry buckled the Greek MH centre but Antiphilus led the counter attack and destroyed three of the Greek heavy units over 2 turns of intense close combat. Eventually Spartacus came to the rescue of the Macedonians, destroying the Greek MH unit and including Antiphilus amongst the casualties.

We have not had time to complete game 2 but hope to do so tomorrow.

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