EPIC09 Bagradas (253 BC)

12 years 8 months ago #2353 by alecrespi
EPIC Bagradas 253 BC
Carthaginian vs Roman

EPIC09 Bagradas (253 BC)

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4 years 8 months ago - 4 years 8 months ago #2354 by mk20336
Replied by mk20336 on topic EPIC09 Bagradas (253 BC)
Very interesting game, tense with strange turns of fate.
Marcin (stormwalker) played as Romans, Lukasz as Overall Commander for Carthaginians and me as Left Field Commander for Lukasz.

Initial attack with light troops in center scared like hell all the elephants and there were some casualties. However, Carthaginians then started to play much more actively on wings which was right choice - Romans were more and more "enveloped" and endangered.

And then most bizarre moment of game came. My 1-block elephant was cut off from retreat by 4-block AUX and 3-block MC. Marcin rolled two flags => two blocks in each of the units were smashed and then Marcin rolled two greens on AUX on rampage. Full 4-block AUX unit with leader was destroyed in unfortunate attack!

At this moment in time Romans collapsed and result changed from 6-9 to finally 14-10.

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2 years 5 months ago #3325 by esparver73
Replied by esparver73 on topic EPIC09 Bagradas (253 BC)
Both armies clashed on the flanks with the Carthaginians winning on their left and a tie on their right. In the center both sides pushed hard with heavy infantry but they did not meet, each one attacked light units in front of them, scattering them. Then the African elephants entered the battle destroying many units but the Romans used every opportunity to attack lone units. The score was even during all the battle with a final Roman victory 14-12.

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