JD12 Lautulae (315 BC)

11 years 11 months ago #2012 by alecrespi
Roman vs Samnite
Historical Background...

JD12 Lautulae (315 BC)

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3 years 3 months ago #2013 by rgnet1
Replied by rgnet1 on topic JD12 Lautulae (315 BC)
Session report: Samnite's lost to a massive two-turn game changer. After a careful battle from both sides, Samnites pushed center map with a leader-supported four unit front of 2 hvys, 2 meds against a weaker Roman line. But some tragically lopsided dice rolls left their heavies in worse shape than the Romans. On the Roman's counter, they played a brutal Clash of Shields that rewarded 3 banners in a single final turn to steal the win.

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