JD19 Sentinum (295 BC)

11 years 9 months ago #1656 by alecrespi
Roman vs Gallic/Samnite
Historical Background...

JD19 Sentinum (295 BC)

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4 years 2 days ago #1657 by ozzie
Replied by ozzie on topic JD19 Sentinum (295 BC)
Found this scenario doesn't work well and is confused. Improved it by removing the Samnite Auxilia and replaced them with a single line of 5 medium infantry (Samnites were recorded by Roman authors as fighting in a single line and lacking reserves) and replacing the light and cavalry units for a single medium cavalry unit (Samnite cavalry are typical Italian cavalry but not numerous). The two Campanian (Roman) heavy cavalry units are replaced with a single medium cavalry on the Roman left. The wood in the centre of the table was removed (no evidence of this in the sources) and the light infantry unit returned to the Roman battleline. After these it played out excellently and very even as historically it should be.

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3 years 11 months ago #1660 by The-Admiral
Replied by The-Admiral on topic JD19 Sentinum (295 BC)
I'm sorry you were confused.

The order of battle and terrain were based on the GBoH scenario from the Barbarians expansion. You will have to ask them where they got their information from?

My solitaire and ftf battles of the scenario have, bar one, been very close battles, with the edge going to the Romans, which in my own opinion is how the battle should play out.

This far removed from the event it is impossible to be accurate on these kind of aspects, but I'm glad you enjoyed it after your changes.

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