212 Bruttium (71 BC)

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14 years 3 months ago #64 by Alessandro Crespi
212 Bruttium (71 BC) was created by Alessandro Crespi
** This thread discusses the Content article: 212 Bruttium (71 BC) **

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3 years 7 months ago #2846 by der_mandarin
Replied by der_mandarin on topic 212 Bruttium (71 BC)
Two line command cards for the Romans as well as one for the Slaves led to a fierce clash right at the ramparts with Rome gaining a quick 3-0 lead. Things started to turn a bit when Spartacus with a few choice units managed to break through the Roman line and scale the ramparts. Ultimately though, the Romans ended up being victorious when the mounted charge by Slaves on the left wing failed.

A few notes:
Getting onto the ramparts with the medium units ASAP seems to be necessary for the Romans. Being able to ignore flags and swords is huge.
On the flip side Romans don't necessarily want to descend the ramparts to go and chase weakened Slave units that retreated. Makes for a tough choice.
Another tough choice (at least for me) is, when to utilize the light cavalry units hidden in the woods. They seem to get routed easily after a mistimed play.

All in all a very interesting scenario with nice optics and gameplay!

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1 year 2 months ago #3999 by fmpape
Replied by fmpape on topic 212 Bruttium (71 BC)
Spartacus' light cavalry starts by making a dash through the forest and escaping while firing on the Romans to little effect.
The Romans push move across this flank to limit any further escapes from the Gladiator army.
The Gladiators then make a push towards the ramparts on the Romans right flanks with ranged fire while the Romans continue to close the gap on the last flank.
Spartacus then surged his troops forward in a line advance coming into contact with the Roman flank weakening them.
Spartacus and his subgeneral then advanced in support of their troops causing heavy causualties to the Roman Centre.
The Roman infrantry attempt to rally through the centre, supported by their General but ultimately were overwhelmed by the fighting prowess of their gladiators.

6-2 Victory to the Slaves.

Strong fighting (good dice rolls) and effective support from the generals (Helmets causing casualties) led to a decisive victory.
The victory could have been greater if one of the slave light cavalry had made a dash past the Romans but instead let itself be pinned down by the Romans and destroyed.

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8 months 4 weeks ago #4082 by howlingfang
Replied by howlingfang on topic 212 Bruttium (71 BC)
fmpape, the cavalry don't count for victory banners - only the foot units do. I know your game was a while ago but thought I would mention it for others that read this.

Just completed the game with a tight 6-5 victory for the Slaves. To be honest though, they had quite a few opportunities to collect that last banner where the Romans were looking at all full health units and there was an open path on the Roman left flank for a unit of slave slingers to escape. Romans made a final error by not retreating into a camp hex which would have prevented their elimination on what turned out to be the final turn, though it probably wouldn't have changecd the results.

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