71. Early Cretan 800-200BC

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71. Early Cretan 800-200BC was created by Alessandro Crespi
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12 years 1 month ago #320 by beckerdo
A local gamer Brady and I played a ScenarioX battle of Early Cretans versus Early Cretans. I selected the 3 bow/2 slinger, medium cavalry option. He selected the 2 bow/2 slinger/aux with heavy infantry option.

Early in the game I was pleased that my long range units on the flanks were inflicting good block damage on his light units. However, when the beefy centers collided, he completely destroyed a few units and a leader. My remaining center retreated until they were hunted down and killed. Victory to Brady.

I am interested in the creation of armies for CCA from the DBA list. The DBA list shows this: 1x 2Lh or 4Sp (Gen), 2x 3Bw, 6x 4Sp, 2x 2Ps, 1x 3Bw or 3Ax. The Bw and Ax translation is straightforward. The Sp translated to MI. However, the Ps translated to slingers? And the Lh translated to MC? Why does it appear these units were improved a bit in the translation? Was it for play balance or other reasons? Is there an article on this site or elsewhere that discusses how this or other Scenario X armies were created?

Thanks, Dan

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12 years 2 weeks ago #438 by mehrunes
For better information it might help to consult the DBMM army lists. There are more information of what a certain troopy type in DBA really was.

I like the idea of transforming DBA army lists into C&C:A ones but I'm heavily irritated why you didn't stick with the DBA army list numbers, which all DBA players are familiar with?
Is there a certain reason for that?

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