Command and Colors Solo - A new approach

10 years 3 weeks ago #945 by caroper

I am not sure how to post an article to the site, but I value the input of this noble group of dedicated CCA fans, so please forgive my cross posting from the Geek to this, the true Roman Forum.

The accepted way to play Command and Colors games Solo, is to deal the cards normally and try to forget the opponent’s hand between turns, a method that gets easier with age or alcohol consumption. Alternatively one could draw 2 Cards for the opponent each turn: playing one and discarding the other.

Games like Hold The Line, that use an Activation Points system rather than cards, lend them selves better to Solo Play, but they also tend to allow the player far too much freedom. If you can activate 3 – 6 units anywhere on the board every turn, you loose that tension and Fog of War created by the Sector cards.

Hold the Colors is a system that I think reaches a compromise, it is easy to implement and is based on the roll of 4 dice, a Sector Die, two Action Point Dice and a Unit Die. I present it here as a Google Doc's link. If anyone would like to convertit to an article I will gladly forward the Word Document.

I hope it survived the conversion from Word to Google Docs.

This is not an attempt to replace the normal rules, or any house rules, indeed I have attempted to retain the flavor of Command and Colors in its entirety, without changing any of the rules, without requiring any scenario modifications and retaining the aspects that give each game its flavor. It does, however, make Solo games far more interesting.

Please let me have any comments or ideas for improvement.

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