doubled unit "health" variant

10 years 11 months ago - 10 years 11 months ago #664 by SeleucusI
Looking through the forum topics, I've found discussion of so called d10-variant, where it was suggested to use d10 dice instead of d6 to decrease randomness.
I have another variant to suggest which is aimed to adress the same issue, but there is no need to get new dices or anything else.
Simply consider all blocks in game as if they have two hits each.
Then, one full strength infantry unit will have 8 hits, cavalry unit will have 6 hits and so on.
The question may arise how to differ "full-strengh" block from "one hit left" block?
Simple! Let all "full-strengh" blocks stand erected, so that they have sticker on their side, and "one hit left" blocks lie flat, so that one sticker is on top, and another on bottom.
I have playtested this variant at home and I'd like to say that I like it.

Using this variant, it is almost impossible to kill fresh infantry unit with single attack, even if it was attacked with heavy infantry.
(Only possible way to kill fresh unit(you have to roll 8 hits at once!) is to attack unit with heavy infantry unit with special leader, say Ceasar, when play "Clash of shields" card and roll all 8 dices as hits - but it is almost impossible situation!)
So you have to pay much more attention to keep your battle line intact, to try outflank enemy, to concentrate your strike on one point, etc.
Also, you have more time to make usefull maneuvers, for example, to pull very weak units back, behind your line.
Of course, because of prolonged unit "lifetime expectancy", you have to spend more time to play any scenario compared to original rules "4 hits" unit, but if you feel that result of the game too heavily depends on dice rolls to your taste, if you don't like when your fresh elite heavy infantry evaporates after single enemy lucky dice roll - you may try suggested variant.
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