Evade : proposal and poll about an alternative rule

11 years 2 weeks ago #641 by HawkmoonVonKoln
Hi, everyone !
My friend Pascal has the idea of modifying a little the "Evade Rule" for light foot troops ; let me tell you about this one :
When the 2 hexagones behind a LI, LB or LS unit are occupied by friendly units and attacked by an ennemy unit, it can evade through one of this friendly unit if there's a vacant hexagon behind this friendly unit.
I've been talking about this with 2 friends of mine yesterday who are also Ancients players and they didn't really enjoy the idea.
Then, I proposed an additional of desorgazition for the friendly unit behind which will not move the next turn (Because they said that Light unit will escape then heavier units will enter the hexagon and battle first).
I hope that you had understood my proposal and will give me your feelings about this alternative rule.
Greetings from Le Mans

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11 years 2 weeks ago - 11 years 2 weeks ago #642 by The-Admiral
I like the sound of the idea, but I don't know enough about the tactical level to know if this would apply in all cases? It is my impression that skirmishers were there to disrupt the attack of heavier troops and then withdraw so it all sounds reasonable?

I'm sure the Roman velites were trained to do this and the Roman formation was designed to allow it so I would allow them to do this with no penalty.

Not sure if phalanx units were flexible enough to allow this manoevre?

As for everyone else I think allowing this with some sort of roll for disruption to the static unit. Perhaps roll 2 dice and lose a block for each matching colour rolled?
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11 years 2 weeks ago #643 by Jeff
Maybe something along the lines of allowing this but only thru one occupied hex; for example, the hex directly behind the Light Infantry or what have you is occupied by a friendly unit, they may evade through the friendly unit into an unoccupied hex but cannot evade through multiple hexes of friendly units. If you think about it on a tactical level, the unit just engaged in combat and lost. It may be able to essentially break ranks and run thru a friendly unit but trying to do this across a long distane would have too detrimental effect on the unit's organization.
The Admiral's suggestion that the static unit the light unit evaded thru suffer some penalty is also a good idea. Maybe either roll the dice as suggested or that this particular manuver can only be done if one of the two units has a leader present.

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