Question about Point Buy System

11 years 3 weeks ago #636 by liebenasuka
Hi, I have a question about the point buy system. I read the instruction under "Variants" on the left side of the website, and I couldn't find a description about setting up the units. How are units set up at the beginning of the game?

Thank you.

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11 years 3 weeks ago - 11 years 3 weeks ago #637 by alecrespi
Replied by alecrespi on topic Re:Question about Point Buy System
Hi liebenasuka,
I think you could setup units on the board (maybe using something to hide opposite side) and then reveal your armies.

Or you could even use step 3-6 from Don Clarke's ScenarioX deployment procedure
See here

After secretly chosing your army composition roll a die (higher = attacker).
The defender now deploys their troops within two hexes of their base edge, light troops and leaders may deploy within three hexes of the base edge.
The attacker then sets up on the opposite board edge following the same rules.
The defender may now redeploy any two units to anywhere within two hexes (three hexes for light troops) of their own base edge. For this purpose a leader counts as a unit.

Please, give them a try and let us know your preferred choice.
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11 years 3 weeks ago #640 by liebenasuka
Thank you! :) I'll give them a try. And for the first method, there is still some limitation as to where to deploy the troops, right? I imagine it still has to be on the edge of the board or else it would just fly everywhere. lol

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