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11 years 11 months ago - 11 years 11 months ago #378 by alecrespi
Multi-Player Rules was created by alecrespi
This one is an "extract" from the original post on BGG by Kevin Duke.

I wanted to find a way to allow for more than a 1 on 1 game.

C&C's mechanics don't involved all the troops having to move anyway. There is nothing preventing a person from moving the same single unit with every card played. So a multi-player game could work very simply, as it should.

For two players on the same side, each simply takes the "normal" hand that the side should hold - if the "command" is 4 cards, each player gets 4 cards. They simply take turns playing a card and carrying out the orders.

With 4 players, think A and B are on one side (Rome), C and D are on the other (Carthage). The scenario says Rome moves first, so A plays a card, carries out a full move, executes any combats, and draws a new card. Then C does the same for Carthage. Then B for Rome, then D for Carthage, and back to A again. Battle backs can rotate, have the "next player" roll, decide to have the "hot dice" person roll, or however they want to deal with it.

I recommend players be allowed a brief chat before the game starts (and before they see their cards) but then be restricted from formal consulting after that. Of course, they can speak - and any razzing for bad die rolling is encouraged. But they can't show each other what cards they have or "suggest" what the other tries to do.

A "first strike" card can be played by either player when his side is attacked.

There really are no rules complications or modifications needed. It's simply a way of allowing 4 people to get involved with the same game. Subject to personal style, it doesn't really alter the mechanics of the game. Yes, one player might be setting things up for a "line advance" that the other one messes up with a different card play, but such things are just part of the humor. While this lack of complete coordination might lengthen games a bit, we did not notice the effect.

While I've described playing with 4 people, this same style would work for those awkward "three of us, now what do we do?" situations we have all experienced. You could do this with 2 players versus 1.
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