Alternate Victory Condition Rule

11 years 10 months ago #204 by GlennD
I believe that this small set of alternate rules for game end and victory point earning will allow scenario designers the ability to create more balance and/ or historical realism while maintaining the spirit of the original rules without adding much complexity.

Victory Condition: The player with the most Victory Points wins.

Battle Ending Condition #1: Number of Turns. The game ends after a certain number of turns (set by scenario designer). The player with the most victory points after that many number of turns wins.

Battle Ending Condition #2 (sudden death): One army's Morale breaks.
An army's morale breaks when it loses a certain number of units/ Leaders (set by scenario designer). (Note: This is often a different number for each army) (Note: Light Infantry, Bowmen, Slingers, and Elephants do not count toward this).

Victory Points are awarded for:

1) Breaking the opponent's morale = 6 VP's

2) Units destroyed = 1 VP for Light Infantry, Bowmen, Slingers, Elephants; 2 Vp's for all other units. 3 VP's for Leaders

3) X VP's for control of 'Special Location(s)' on the map at the end of the battle. (set by scenario designer)

These numbers can all be modified by the scenario designer to acheive the result desired.

This system allows some more flexibility around victory conditions in each unique battle while still maintaining fast play. It also properly rewards the player who captured critical locations, inflicted more losses, and broke the enemy army.

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11 years 10 months ago #229 by alecrespi
Replied by alecrespi on topic Re:Alternate Victory Condition Rule
Hi Glen,
I think that your suggestion about different victory condition could spice things up.
Surely they are worth the read.

At first approach I can say that in some scenarios (as you say in Condition #1) Limit # of Turns could also be good for "siege" scenarios... or in these maps where one army is too powerful than the other. :P

Victory Condition #2 is something similar to these scenarios like "if Army 1 manage to defeat Leader 2 it's an immediate victory". There should be some scenarios with Scipio in this situation.
I think that adding also "troops" condition could change the game too much, but surely I'll give it a try.

Gaining VP for keeping some hex in the map during the battle is already available in some official map.
Maybe it could be used a little bit more for some "strategic areas".

I'll keep both of them in my mind during my next scenarios (there are some other in progress right now) B)

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11 years 10 months ago #230 by GlennD
Hi Al,

Some of these ideas are not new (for sure)...I wanted to incorporate the best thinking already out there. :)

Actually, the "troops" condition is actually the current ending condition from the rules (the battle ends when X number of units are eliminated (not meant to be individual troops, but rather the entire unit...sorry for any confusion).


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