Armageddon rules question

9 years 4 months ago #1296 by DubWarrior
Hi again and thanks for the great forum, learned a lot here so far.

I've tried a couple of days back the Armageddon rules with my two boxes of CC. One thing wasn't clear for me.

Once your FG are showing their card, does all FG, from left to right on ONE side play their card and do their movement/combat? Or does a FG on the left of one side(say; left-Greek flank) play his card and his turn, followed by a card and a turn from the FG on the right of the opposite side (say: right-Persian flank, the opposite flank of the left-greek).

In other words, do all the Greek FG's play their turns first, before all the Persians FG's do so?
Or do they take turns, one greek FG followed by the opposite Persian FG, followed by the next Greek FG, followed by the next opposite Persian...and so on...

I'm I a bit clear? :P


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9 years 4 months ago #1297 by Freeloading-Phill
My reading of the rules suggests that one side plays and resolves all their cards at once and then the other.


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