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2 months 2 weeks ago #3576 by g1ul10
An idle proposal was created by g1ul10
I've recently watched a couple of videos on Ancients battle posted on BGG:

The purpose of the videos is clearly instructional and the guys play in a very straightforward way, essentially throwing more or less random troops to each other. This left me wondering if there would be some interest in having videos with some more strategy&tactics in them. And then I realized that in principle we have a lot of potential material in the tournament log files.

How it would be to have videos reviewing, for instance, the finals of the past tournaments, commenting on players' moves and describing the strategy in it? Something like a sports event commentary. This would work as a strong advertisement of this website and the community around it. Now I'd love to do it but my experience with youtube videos is nihil and my accent terrible... maybe somebody else can pick up the idea and develop it...

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2 months 2 weeks ago #3577 by Mark-McG
Replied by Mark-McG on topic An idle proposal
this is at least one reason I like having the logfiles attached to the game report. Sometimes good to watch what plays other players make, especially better players.

I actually find YouTube videos of games pretty boring, this is like an hour and 50 minutes for a 5 banner game!!! If it was a 5 minute video, then that might be OK. Who is the planned audience for these videos?

So my suggestions for a YouTube video are;
1. Make a logfile first (or use an existing one, perhaps the logfiles from the upcoming finals?)
2. Step through the match quickly, adding narrative in a lively fashion. Preferably two voices, since single speaker can be a bit monotonous. 3. Some sort of script or notes on what to say, when
4. Aim for 5-10 minutes duration
5. A lot of the strategic decisions come from the cards in your hand, how can this be shown?

An alternative would be making a logfile of narrative whilst playing the logfile of the game. So once you load the logfile, you can begin a new logfile, adding commentary as you step through the existing logfile.

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2 months 1 week ago - 2 months 1 week ago #3578 by mk20336
Replied by mk20336 on topic An idle proposal
A very interesting idea.

The long YT Videos are not interesting, I agree. It has to be condensed, 5-10 minutes recap.

I find gif files also very good to present the particular action - maybe not the whole game, but sequence of couple of turns. You do not need perfect spoken English, and the comments can be done in writing.

See one of examples:
Attack example
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