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Evade, Inspired Leadership cards and Morale

3 years 1 month ago #1597 by moseviero

I have three specific questions and a more generic one.
1. Let's say two light foot units are fighting in close combat. One attacks, the other decides not to evade. Then the second one battles back: may the first one evade or not?
2. The Inspired Leadership Cards say: Issue an order to units under one leader's command in the right/center/left section or order one unit of your choice. Must the unit of my choice be in the same section mentioned by the card? Or may it be wherever I want?
3. A unit with an attached leader may ignore one flag. A unit supported by two other friendly units may ignore one flag. A unit supported by a friendly unit and by a lone leader may ignore one flag. What about a unit supported only by another friendly unit with an attached leader? Is that enough to ignore one flag?

Now on to the more generic question. I've just played a few games and I noticed that most of them were resolved mainly by the light units in front of the enemy, as they're quicker to move and to engage in combat. Am I missing something about the strategy? Is it a good idea to command since the beginning the heavy units that are much stronger but usually much more 'far away' from the enemy?

Thank you :-)

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3 years 1 month ago #1598 by mk20336
To answer your questions:
ad1. No, you cannot evade battle back. Only defender can evade.
ad2. It can be wherever you want.
ad3. No it is not. The idea of support is that the unit is adjacent to at least two friendly units standing on differen hexes (something like covering flanks).

It is interesting what you wrote about lights deciding the game result. I observed such things usually if both sides decide on never ending exchange of shots. But be patient, bring heavies forward, and then lights will disperse. Also, cavalry is good against lights who tend to fell (evade) then.

Also, much depends on number of banners needed for vistory. In bigger scenarios (7-8 banners) lights would not be enough to bring the other side down.

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