Open Tournament 2022

Round 2


Scenario: 010 Castulo (211 BC)
Note: Ignore the Special rule 1, if Scipio is killed, play on regardless and count banners. Scipio is worth 1 banner
Player 1 Game 1 Game 2 POINTS Player 2 Game 1 Game 2 POINTS
Mark-McG 8 8 3 Boredbeyondbelief  5 5 0
Rand 2 8 1 toganalper 8 4 2
azzy 8 4 2 BrentS 2 8 1
DanieleC 3 6 0 PCScipio42 8 8 3
mk20336 8 4 2 John S 2 8 1
RiverWanderer 3 4 0 Marco 8 8 3
Gonzo 8 3 1 taliapharaoh 7 8 2
gottoman 4 5 0 Sir Kral 8 8 3
Bangla 5 8 2 Javelinthrower 8 2 1
EZPickins 5 5 0 Cap 8 8 3
TTK 8 8 3 DaniloElMystico 4 5 0
Rabocudonosor 7 6 0 alecrespi 8 8 3
rjvonline 5 2 0 Kartigan 8 8 3
Tomek     3 Mad Doc     0
gotigerssc 4 8 2 GomJabbar 8 3 1
Gileforn 8 3 1 limburger59 6 8 2
stephent 8 5 2 Andygor 1 8 1
Polonus100 4 8 1 kwofford 8 6 2
PaulKT 2 8 1.5 gheintze 8 2 1.5
scipio1zama 8 4 2 Cavie 2 8 1
rjorge     3 BYE      
      Deadline 18-Apr-22 Easter Monday  


Player Rnd 1 Rnd2
Mark-McG 3 6
PCScipio42 3 6
Marco 3 6
azzy 3 5
mk20336 3 5
toganalper 3 5
taliapharaoh 3 5
Sir Kral 2 5
Cap 1.5 4.5
TTK 1.5 4.5
Rand 3 4
Gonzo 3 4
BrentS 3 4
John S 3 4
Bangla 2 4
alecrespi 1 4
Kartigan 1 4
Tomek 1 4
DanieleC 3 3
RiverWanderer 3 3
Boredbeyondbelief  3 3
Javelinthrower 2 3
rjorge 0 3
gottoman 2 2
EZPickins 2 2
gotigerssc 0 2
stephent 0 2
scipio1zama 0 2
limburger59 0 2
kwofford 0 2
Rabocudonosor 1.5 1.5
DaniloElMystico 1.5 1.5
PaulKT 0 1.5
gheintze 0 1.5
rjvonline 1 1
Gileforn 0 1
Polonus100 0 1
GomJabbar 0 1
Andygor 0 1
Cavie 0 1
Mad Doc 1 1


Round 3 draw



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Marco replied the topic:
1 year 7 months ago
Game 1 Marco (Romans) 8, RiverWanderer (Carthage) 3.
Game 2 Marco(Carthage) 8, RiverWanderer (Romans) 4.

Game 1 The Romans immediately started forward and right. The Carthaginians responded with a mixture of missile fire and auxiliary action, costing early losses on the Romans. The Romans continued pushing forward center and right, leaving the Carthaginian Leaders and Med/Hvy units on the left flank and behind. Excellent tactics by the Carthaginian Light Cavs on the right flank late in the game took a Roman Light Infantry, but they were ultimately chased from and then followed off the field for the Roman victory 8-3.

Game 2 The Romans began with much Light movement and heavy missile fire, causing Warrior damage. The Carthaginians responded by withdrawing Hasdrubal and forming their center line, but also advancing Leader Mago from the left. The Romans continued their missile barrage with a Move-Fire-Move, and then advanced their Lights in a forward line, away from Scipio. Again Hasdrubal shifted his line, this time linking up with Mago. The Romans then made a series of internal movements while the Carthaginians advanced with both Leaders in unison up the Center and Left. Ultimately Scipio had to hasten back to the Left to try to stop Mago, who had moved in with his group of HI, 2 MI, and AUX. Although there was much maneuvering before units began to be lost, things moved quickly once they started. Although Scipio's initial clash with Mago looked positive, a Rally brought the Carthaginians back and the banners began to fall. The two Leaders actually faced one other, each attached to a HI. In a dramatic series of turns, Scipio lost his HI, retreated to his other HI, and then wiped out Mago's Hi and MI. Mago had to retreat, then came roaring back with a Double Time, both Warriors screaming three hexes down the center of the battlefield to slaughter the Heavies out from under Scipio and forcing him to personally evade off the field. Although the Romans were poised to exit units off the board, the Carthaginians continued advancing through the center of the battlefield and secured the Victory 8-4.


File Attachment:

File Name: OT22-2-1.vsav
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File Name: OT22-2-final.vlog
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taliapharaoh replied the topic:
1 year 7 months ago
Travis vs. Gonzo, Round 2

Game 1: Gonzo (Romans) 8, Travis (Carthage)  7

Game 2: Travis (Romans) 8, Gonzo (Carthage) 3

In game 1, the battle shifted back and forth a number of times, but the Roman aggressive moves culminated in a desperate m-f-m to end the action, a very close affair.

In game 2, the Romans again were able to press the Carthage center/left and force them to react.  The dice and cards favored the Romans, who were able to again move units off the map, as well as take out just enough units to get a victory.
Cap replied the topic:
1 year 7 months ago
Cap vs EZPickins

Game 1
Cap (Carthage) 8
EZPickins (Roman) 5

Game 2
Cap (Roman) 8
EZPickins (Carthage) 5

I haven't seen a more aggressive commander than EZPickins so far. Attack flows through his veins. 
In game 1 EZPickins commanded the Romans and tried but failed to steamroll my spread and weak left flank and centre. His maneuver failed 1st - because I hurriedly withdrew all units I could to form an improvised defense line; 2nd - he was plagued by poor dice for most of the two battles. He needed to roll 4 times of 4 dice to kill a single auxilia in the centre. He managed to conduct a final race towards the base line of my left flank, but the light cavalry finally did something useful, unlike being free banners for my opponent. The Numidians (alongside one of my battered warriors) managed to take down a light infantry unit to bring me the eight victory banner.

In game 2 EZPickins again started attacking from the first move with everything available he had. This allowed me to defeat in detail several of his units early in the battle. During the battle's climax, a brilliant surprising charge by just 2 of his light cavalry units managed to wipe out 3 of my medium infantry in a single turn, cutting my right flank to pieces (don't ask how that happened). Typical for my style, I quickly reformed my battered units, turned them around, and attacked (again). With some clever micro tactics I managed to successively surround and destroy two of his units to get the victory.

Thanks to EZPickins for the battles. He made me work hard for each victory banner I gained. Wish him good luck ahead in the tournament.
kwofford replied the topic:
1 year 7 months ago
Polonus100 (Roman) 4 Banners

KenW (Carthaginian) 8 Banners

Scipio got the Romans inching forwards towards the Carthaginian baseline, as the Carthaginians formed a skirmish line and pelted the hapless cohorts with missile fire.  A lucky counterattack by the warriors on the Carthaginian left penetrated deeply into the Roman line, felling Scipio early in the game. Deprived of his leadership, the Romans resumed their advance as the Carthaginian right slowly but surely closed.  A grinding war of attrition developed in the center.  Just before the last Eagle fell in the center, a single unit of Velites managed to escape to the baseline of the Carthaginian right.  

Note: It really was a lucky shot killing Scipio so early, and really hindered Polo as he seemed to draw a disportionate number of Leadership cards thereafter.  

KenW (Roman) 6 Banners

Polonus100 (Carthaginian) 8 Banners

Very similar flow to the first game, Scipio got the Romans inching forwards towards the Carthaginian baseline, as the Carthaginians formed a skirmish line and pelted the hapless cohorts with missile fire.  Scipio still fell, but lasted long enough to make effective use of his leadership.  After Scipio crossed the River Styx the remaining Romans were blessed by Fortuna with a bunch of center and right section cards, allowing them to more effectively skirmish in the center and advance on the right.  A swirling battle developed on the right late in the game, with a single unit of Velites escaping, but the Roman Hastati managing an effective counterattack on the distracted Numidians.  A well-timed  charge by the Carthaginian medium cavalry (heretofore held in reserve) cut down the beleaguered Auxillae and Hastati in the center, dropping the last Eagle and ending the game.  

Thank you to Polo for putting up with my rustiness at using Vassal! And apologies for the multiple vlog files for the second game, as I had to resynch several times.  
PCScipio42 replied the topic:
1 year 7 months ago
Game 1
PCScipio42 (Carthage) 8
DanieleC (Rome) 3

 Carthage had great cards and dice. Missile fire weakens Roman center. Mago attacks on Roman left but is over extended as Rome tries to kill it with a mounted charge that backfires and ends up killing both cavalry units to make it 4-1 Carthage. Mago continues his attack to get it to 6-2. Rome attacks in center breaks through but loses another to make it 7-3 and Carthage cav mops up a LI to end it at 8-3. Not much Daniele could do with the cards and dice in my favor.

Game 2
PCScipio42 (Rome) 8
DanieleC (Carthage) 6

  This was much closer and featured Scipio getting killed which would have ended it with the score 6-5 Carthage at that point. But tournament rule came into play and the match continued. Rome was able to get 2 units off the board for 2 banners and one of them was a LI that forced a Carthage LC to be killed off when it attacked it before exiting so that was 2 banner swing. Daniele was plagued by some bad dice again as had numerous rolls to try and kill a LI that was trying to get into position to exit and never could kill it. Rome had good cards at the end despite having 3 left cards which were useless to me at that point as I ran all Roman units from the left to stay away from Mago, Final score was 8-6 Rome. A good tense game this was and Daniele is always a fun opponent to play. 

File Attachment:

File Name: DanillevForrest2.vlog
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File Name: DanillevForrest1.vlog
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Kartigan replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Kartigan (Roamn) 8 Banners

Rjvonline (Carthaginian) 2 Banners

This game was a tale of slow steady pressure by the Romans up their Right and Center while completely outclassing the Carthaginians in the dice department. Emblematic of this was when Mago was sniped out of the forest he advanced into by a lucky Light Infantry rolling a single die and then double leaders on the Leadership check.

Eventually, with one Roman unit already exited and at least two more threatening, Masinissa decided to lead a heroic Mounted Charge with the Light Cavalry in a last-ditch effort to buy some time (and roll as many dice as possible because it was likely the last turn) but ultimately was wiped out by the Roman infantry in their battlebacks.

I have to say, it is amazing how lopsided this round has been in favor of the Romans. Obviously modifying the Scipio rule affects the scenario balance in favor of the Romans, but I think does so in a larger way than I would've imagined. I still support the change for the reasons it was made and it all balances out since we play both sides anyway, but it is amazing how with a little luck in the cards the Romans can manage a 3 to 1 leader disadvantage just fine, due to their superior starting board position and scoring opportunity.
gheintze replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Game 1
gheintze (Romans) 8
PaulKT (Carthaginians) 2

Game 2
gheintze (Carthaginians) 2
PaulKT (Romans) 8

In the both games, the lead Carthaginian units were killed quickly, and the Roman infantry rolled up the left side, steamrolling the light cav and exiting for the win.

In the first game, there was some skirmishing on the Roman left and that was about the only difference. :)

mk20336 replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Game 1
JohnS (Carthaginians) 2
MichalK (Romans) 8

A very bloody and pretty quick battle. Romans had cards they needed, rolls they needed and aggressiveness to simply roll over the center of the map. What a carnage for Punic army.

File Attachment:

File Name: R2_G2.vlog
File Size:246 KB

Game 2
JohnS (Romans) 8
MichalK (Carthaginians) 4

Very tense and close game. After initial debacles of Romans it was pretty close for Carthage to take initiative - but very poor rolls destroyed all plans. In the end the game was won by Roman lights!

File Attachment:

File Name: R2_G1.vlog
File Size:233 KB

Thanks to John for two interesting games!
TTK replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Round 2
Game 2

TTK (Carth.) 8:5 DaniloelM. (Rome)

Mago paid for the victory at the cost of his life and the lives of his elite warriors

North Africa will not forget them
stephent replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Game 1
Andygor Carthaginians 1
Steve Romans 8
Romans were able to refuse their left and advance obliquely to the right, catching the Carthaginan light cavalry on the rear rank and exiting two of the Roman light infantry for four of the eight medals. Tough fighting in the centre swung the Romans’ way for the victory, with the Carthaginian troops hidden in and behind the forests unable to reach the battle in time, apart from a late attack by the Carthaginian medium cavalry that was fended off by the Romans.

Game 2
Steve Carthaginians 5
Andygor Romans 8
Romans again refused their left and advanced obliquely to the right. The Carthaginian lights moved forward rapidly to fight a delaying action with shooting and evading, and after some initial success in cutting off some forward Romans troops eventually were defeated and fled, score 3-5 favouring the Romans, but now with the Roman heavy infantry in play. Hasdrubal’s troops emerged from the forests, a Carthaginian auxilia was destroyed by a Roman cavalry unit that then exited, and the two Roman Heavy Infantry were destroyed (5-7). Scipio double timed, catching a Roman Light Cavalry on the rear rank for the victory (5-8).
An exciting pair of games!
Andygor replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Round 2 Game 2
stephent (Carthaginian) 5
Andygor (Rome) 8 

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File Name: stephentVS...or2.vlog
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File Name: stephentVS...or2.vsav
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Andygor replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Round 2 Game 1
stephent (Rome) 8
Andygor (carthaginian) 1 

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File Name: stephentVS...or1.vlog
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File Name: stephentVS...or1.vsav
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TTK replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Round 2
Game 1
TTK (Rome) 8:4 DaniloelM. (Carth.)

Carthage attacked with its left flank, but there were not enough orders and Scipio stopped the pogroms of the Roman legions, at the same time he died while dodging Masinissa...

Light horsemen still had to do a lot, but naturally 8:4 in favor of Rome. Scipio survived.
Mark-McG replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Game 1
Mark McG (Roman) 8 banners
Eric (Carthaginian) 5 banners

Roman powerhouse went up the middle, and the Mago powerhouse came down the flank. Masinissa thought he was a direct force rather than a skirmisher and paid the price!

Attachment r2g1.vlog not found

Game 2
Mark McG (Carthaginian) 8 banners
Eric (Roman) 5 banners

Similar opening moves, but the Carthaginian warriors were having none of it. Mago also moved up through the forest, but he had forgotten to how to fight and wasted 2 units that performed heroic misses. Fortunately his Medium infantry brought the swords and balanced out in the end. Masinissa did his best work supporting the Carthaginian line, and the Numidian cavalry only came to to play at the end game.

Attachment r2g2.vlog not found

limburger59 replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Game 1
Gileforn (Rome) 8
Limburger (Carthage) 6

Game 2
Limburger (Rome) 8
Gileforn (Carthage) 3

In both games Scipio's bold leadership inspired the Romans to victory.
Bangla replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Game 1
Javelinthrower (Rome) 8 Banners
Bangla (Carthage) 5 Banners

This was a long game.  Carthage tried to bring pressure to bear on the Roman left, but the Roman lights did an excellent job on the Warriors to their front and soon had the Carthaginians on the back foot.  A couple of desperate attempts to shore up the centre failed, with the Romans filtering away their battered frontline units and Carthage was in deeper trouble.  At 6-2 it looked like a blowout was coming, but then Masinissa pressed the Roman right and the Carthaginians began picking off the remnants of Roman units.  Carthage got to 5-6 and were chasing more weak victims.  But Roman pressure finally told and the battle was won.  Carthage played badly in the early stages and paid for it.  Javelinthrower was steady throughout, taking no needless chances to win a good game.

Game 2
Bangla (Rome) 8 Banners
Javelinthrower (Carthage) 2 Banners

This was a perfect Roman encounter.  3 Line Commands in the initial draw, 3 x Medium Troops during the game, plus the Spartacus card which rolled well.  The pressure was there from the start and was relentless.  As the Roman centre block neared the Carthaginian baseline Hasdrubal did counter to claim a 2nd banner, but the final three banners were taken in the final turn with the Romans attacking left and right against cavalry on their baseline.  There was nothing Javelinthrower could have done.

Two good, but totally different encounters.  Thanks to Javelinthrower for playing in a decent spirit throughout.
alecrespi replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
OT2022 Castulo Round 2 Game 2

Rabocudonosor (Carthaginians) – 6 banners
alecrespi (Romans) – 8 banners

Multiple log files due to lost connection during the game.

File Attachment:

File Name: aleVSrabuc...rt3.vlog
File Size:167 KB

File Attachment:

File Name: aleVSrabuc...rt2.vlog
File Size:152 KB

File Attachment:

File Name: aleVSrabuc...2G2.vlog
File Size:238 KB
alecrespi replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
OT2022 Castulo Round 2 Game 1
Rabocudonosor (Romans) – 7 banners
alecrespi (Carthaginians) – 8 banners 

File Attachment:

File Name: aleVSrabuc...2G1.vlog
File Size:293 KB
azzy replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Forgot about logs! 
GomJabbar replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Attached is the vlog for mine and gotigerssc's Game 1.

As gotigerssc said, we both learned LC melt like butter. And I think, in that second game, I was too reckless with Mago and the heavy infantry with only 1 figure left. I should have pulled them back when I had the chance. That was the first time I have seen 2 leaders fall due to leader casualty checks in 1 game.

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2022R2G1.vlog
File Size:211 KB
gotigerssc replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
GomJabbar (Rome) 8 Banners
gotigerssc (Carthage) 4 Banners
The Carthaginians were a little too bold with their LC and paid the price as they melted like butter against the Roman lines (lesson learned). A total of 3 LC units by the end of the match. Fighting took place mostly in the center as I lacked the section cards for my right flank to make a move on that side. Was able to claim three of the four Roman medium units but it came at a heavy price and was too much to overcome. Brad played a great game. 

GomJabbar (Carthage) 3 Banners
gotigerssc (Rome) 8 Banners
A very unexpected result based on the flow of battle. I was able to quickly eliminate the two warrior units in front of my lines and was feeling fairly good about the match until Mago got his heavy out of the woods and wrecked my left flank. Carthage was up 3-2 at that point but I had dwindled Mago's unit down to 1 block. The only units left on my left, the two auxilia, were able to finish them off but Mago went down as well. Fighting moved back to the center where the LC were trying to eliminate a wounded M unit but he held on due to a counter attack on the Rally card, and with help from his friends was able to eliminate two LC units and Masinissa. On a subsequent turn I was able to finish off a 1 figure A unit. 

Thanks to Brad for two fun battles!

File Attachment:

File Name: CCAOTR2.2.vlog
File Size:218 KB
scipio1zama replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
OT2022 Castulo Game 1

Scipio1zama (Romans) – 8 banners

Cavie (Carthaginians) – 2 banners

The Roman plan was to move forward and to the right, aiming to move Roman units off the map and perhaps pin his LC against the back row.  Luckily, I drew a Line Command in my opening hand. An initial Four Units Left card allowed me to move infantry units adjacent to one another. Then an attack with that Line Command, followed by a Leader card, damaged and drove back his Aux and Warrior in the center, and his Aux on his left, with Scipio’s help.  Masinissa’s cavalry and other forces badly damaged a Roman MI, but lost a Carthaginian Aux.  Then Hasdrubal launched a Double Time attack in the center which the Romans Counter Attacked, bringing their HI and Warrior into the fray.  Net result – so-so die rolling by both sides saw 2 damaged Carthaginians and 4 damaged Romans, but no losses.

Spartacus laid an egg for the Carthaginians, ordering only 2 units, one of which was eliminated, and starting a string of unlucky dice rolls for Carthage.  A Roman Leadership attack bagged a Warrior and a LC, and pushed Hasdrubal to the board’s edge, but his HI and an Aux both Rallied, attacked, and eliminated a Roman MI, Aux, and reduced an HI to 1 block.  The Roman now had two 1-block infantry units in his front line but had just drawn a Double Time.  This attack killed an Aux and damaged a HI and a LC.  Then a Carthaginian attack was thwarted by a (just drawn) Roman First Strike, eliminating a Carthaginian Warrior. Next the Romans killed a Carthaginian HI and drove Hasdrubal from the battlefield, putting the Romans up 7-2.  Three ranged fire attacks on the 1-block Roman HI all missed.

I moved a Roman MC to a position where he could exit the map for the final banner.  My frustrated but good-humored opponent attacked my MC with his MC – and rolled 3 red squares, noting that now the dice were now mocking him.  However, as Cavie will report, Game 2 turned the tables. 

Sir Kral replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Sir Kral aka Carl (Roman) 8 Banners

Gottoman aka Greg (Carthaginian) 4 Banners

Dice were with the Romans and just relentless pressure pushed the Carthaginians back to the baseline. A left wing counterattack from the woods made good progress, but the Carthaginian center and right flank ran out of space.

Sir Kral aka Carl (Carthaginian) 8 Banners

Gottoman aka Greg (Roman) 5 Banners

Both sides formed up nice battle lines with the line command card being awaited. It was the Carthaginians who got it first, with the Roman lines battered. A roman played I Am Spartacus card whiffed with a Carthaginian First Strike card nullifying one of the attacks. Then a counterattack card made the end inevitable. Cards and dice with Carl for the game, with Greg having limited options for attack.

It was a pleasure playing with Greg.
Cavie replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
Round 2 Game 2
scipo1zama/Carthaginian 4 Banners
Cavie/Rome 8 banners

Both games had similar grouping in the center to Scipio with Line Command & Double Time played early on.  Flanks for the Carthaginians were disabled most of the game until towards the end.  Some final skirmishes with the Carth light cavalry and Roman medium cavalry resulted in a lot of whiffing in the end.  Both games ended with the exit of a Roman cavalry off the field. An interesting scenario with similar outcome both games.

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2022Cavi...me2.vlog
File Size:288 KB
Rand replied the topic:
1 year 8 months ago
R2G2 Toganalper vs. Rand
Toganalper – 4 Banners
Rand – 8 Banners
 This game was mostly stab and smash in the center and right flank of the battlefield. The Roman moved forcefully towards the Carthaginians, trying to quickly overwhelm them and then to exit the field. The Carthaginians rolled well and blunted the Roman attack, with the Numidian Light Cavalry causing immense frustration to the Romans. Every time the Romans tried to pin the Numidians down, they were able to evade then rush forward to attack the Romans on the next turn. Mago is able to close ranks with the Romans, and plays a Clash of Shields, which is again disastrous for the Romans. Their luck only turns when the Numidian Light Cavalry surrounds a damaged Roman Medium Infantry, poor rolling allows the Romans to survive and almost destroy their adversaries. The Carthaginians then attempt to overrun the Roman left flank, but again poor dice ruins their strategy. Mago’s heavy infantry is destroyed in the counterattack, and the Numidians are finally pinned against the baseline, their strength almost exhausted. Mago leads a one block medium cavalry in a final charge against some Romans, but his unit is destroyed in the battle back, ending the game. Toganalper ran circles around me the whole game, but his dice let him down, should have been a very different outcome. I appreciate his time and really enjoyed the games. Good luck to him in the rest of the tournament.

File Attachment:

File Name: R2G2Togana...and.vlog
File Size:229 KB